Green witch woman in a long white gown facing away from the viewer and going into the forest. Ravynwylde Waitlist

Ravywylde: A Sacred Year Journey of Reconnection, Transformation and Growth for the Solitary Green Witch


Undertaking the Ravynwylde sacred year journey is to set out upon a remarkable path of self-discovery, transformation, and empowerment.

Your commitment to a year long journey reflects that personal growth and transformation are an ongoing process for you, unfolding over time.

Dedicating yourself to this journey allows you to experience a full year of seasonal themes and energies, the rhythms of nature and the cycles of life. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore this sacred year journey, review what you’ll get out of it and look at what you can expect inside the course.

Get your broom and a cup of your favorite brew as we tour this transformative journey of self-discovery, nature connection and magickal exploration!


Dedicating yourself to this journey allows you to experience a full year of seasonal themes and energies, the rhythms of nature and the cycles of life. 

What is Ravynwylde – A Sacred Year Journey for the Solitary Green Witch?

The Beginnings – Ravynwylde’s Roots 

This program is inspired by my own experiences in my personal healing journey and in my search for spiritual meaning.  It’s the program I wish I’d had then, but couldn’t find, so I created it.

I was so disenchanted with so much of what I found that I forged my own path. My personal practice now spans more than 25 years.

Today, it’s a blend of green witchcraft, animism, shamanic practices and healing energy along with foundational skills like meditation, gratitude, healing creativity, Reiki, journaling and self-care.

These foundations are now at the heart of

Woman with a moon phase tattoo down the center of her back, sitting in the tide on a beach.
Green witch.

What’s This Sacred Year Journey for the Solitary Green Witch About? 

At the core, this sacred year journey is a dedicated opportunity to align with the cycles of nature and tap into the wisdom of Mother Earth. Throughout this course, you’re invited to consciously engage with these cycles and rhythms to create a deeper understanding of nature, which will help you better understand yourself.

The Wheel of the Year is the framework we use because it’s aligned with the cycles of nature and the shifting seasons. Moving through the year in this intentional way offers you the chance to deepen your connection to both Mother Earth and your own spiritual path.

Each season has its own unique symbolism, lessons, and energy. Engaging with these different energies throughout the year invites you into a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all things, your place in it and the cyclical nature of life.

Moving through this journey provides an opportunity for self-reflection, growth, and transformation. By dedicating an entire year to your spiritual practice, you have the space and time to dive into your beliefs, values, and priorities. Because it’s an extended period, you have the opportunity to go deeper as you explore the path and begin to use the magickal and practical tools you’ll discover along the way, in your daily life.

A sacred year journey for the solitary green witch might look like this woman dressed in black wearing a witch hat, seated on a blanket in the grass studying from a book.
The path of the green witch.


The Guiding Principles & Core Values of Ravynwylde

The overarching theme of Ravynwylde (and all of is empowerment. Here are the main guiding principles and core values of Ravynwylde – A Sacred Year Journey for the Solitary Green Witch. Do they resonate with you?

  • Alignment & Connection with Nature: This journey recognizes and honors the changing seasons, solstices, equinoxes and all points on the wheel of the year along with the interconnectedness of all beings.  Reverence for all of Mother Earth and her beings is at the center of everything at
  • Personal Empowerment: The overarching goal of everything at Ravynwood is empowerment. In that tradition, the sacred year journey empowers you to embrace your authentic self and encourages personal growth, self-care, self-acceptance and reclaiming your own power.
  • Intentional Ritual and Sacred Practice: Rituals and sacred practices are at the heart of Ravynwylde – A Sacred Year Journey for the Solitary Green Witch.  These are intentional and reverent, aligned with the points on the wheel of the year, the moon cycles and the shifting seasons. These practices include spell work, meditation, journaling, divination, and other magickal and practical tools.  You are always free to choose which ones you include in your own practice.
  • Mindfulness and Presence: You’re encouraged to cultivate mindfulness in your everyday life to help you create inner peace and gratitude for all of your blessings.
  • Connection and Community: While the sacred year journey is primarily for solitary practitioners, you can also explore connection and community through our private Facebook group. It’s a place to share your thoughts and experiences, get help and be inspired by others that are on a similar path.

To summarize:  Ravynwylde is a sacred 12 month journey that emphasizes working with the cycles of nature and the points on the Wheel of the Year.

It connects you to the ongoing process of personal growth, nature and transformation. By committing to it, you’ll embark on a transformational and empowering magickal year, filled with self-discovery, spiritual growth and connection to Mother Earth.


Bare feet touching the ground is another way to connect to nature through earthing.
Connect to nature through earthing.

How Can I Benefit by Taking a Sacred Year Journey?

I’ve already mentioned connection to nature, self-discovery, empowerment, personal growth, transformation and spiritual development, but let’s dig a little deeper.

When you commit to this path of transformation, you begin a journey that provides a dedicated space and time for self-reflection, self-exploration, and personal growth. Moving through this year, you have the opportunity to dive into your beliefs, values, and needs and wants, thereby gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and your place in the world.

This supports self-acceptance, stepping into your own power, finding your voice, and rediscovering your wild self – the one you were before you were told who to be.

You open yourself to new realms of consciousness and new ways of being in this world. You begin to see the world differently.  As I say:  “seeing the world through the eyes of an artist”, or to put it another way: “seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary.”

Ravynwylde – A Sacred Year Journey for the Solitary Green Witch invites in these benefits:

  • Self-discovery
  • Connection with nature
  • Spiritual growth
  • Mindfulness
  • Community
  • Self-care
  • Empowerment
  • Sense of purpose
  • Alignment to the natural world
  • Peace, harmony, interconnectedness
  • and more!

As you begin to work with daily rituals and foundational skills like meditation, journaling and gratitude, you begin cultivating a sense of inner peace, clarity, gratitude, self-awareness, and reduced stress.

You also begin to prioritize your well-being – in body, mind and spirit. Through this awareness, you focus more on self-care that rejuvenates you and creates balance. Your connection to the natural world brings with it a profound sense of belonging and harmony. This can be very healing to the soul.

For some solitary witches, engaging in community is a way to find inspiration and support. While you are always free to choose your own practice, rather than following any strict rules or mandates, there’s joy in being around like minds and kindred spirits. There’s opportunity to connect with others who are on a similar path inside the private Facebook community.


a garden gate with a pathway visible through the trees to symbolize the sacred year journey for the solitary green witch
The Sacred Year Journey to transformation.


What’s Can I Expect Inside Ravynwylde – A Sacred Year Journey for the Solitary Green Witch?

About the Course

We’ve already mentioned that this flagship course is an empowering journey of connection with Mother Earth through the Wheel of the Year and the four seasons.  It’s also your invitation to connect, heal and tap into the messages from your own sacred soul.

Blending earth spirituality, a bit of magick, green witchery, the changing seasons, and the healing and spiritual foundations of Ravynwood, this is a transformational path of empowering self-discovery, reconnection to the natural world, healing wisdom and community (if you want it).

The Wheel of the Year provides the framework for this course because it represents the year long journey of the earth around the sun. There’s 8 points (seasonal festivals or Sabbats) on the Wheel of the Year that are significant to the green witch.

These are the seasonal festivals or Sabbats. Each represents an aspect of the journey through the seasons.

The Wheel of the Year is also a celebration of the cycle of life. From the birth and renewal of the springtime to the introspection of winter, the essence of this journey is the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.

Each season and point on the wheel of the year has its own energies and themes, inviting the green witch to explore her own spirituality and her own seasons as well as what it means to connect with Mother Earth.  In this course, each month offers you different themes and exercises to work with.

Where would you like to be in 12 months time?


Pathway into the forest.
The seasons and cycles of nature have much to teach us.


Journey Through the Seasons – A Sacred Year Journey for the Solitary Green Witch 

What’s inside? 

The Spring Season months of March, April, and May are when you’ll explore the transition from winter to spring, the Spring Equinox, Beltane, the magick of trees, house magick, home herbalism, the witch’s garden, meditation, mindfulness, grounding and self-care.

The Summer Season months of June, July and August are for exploring the transition from spring to summer, the Summer Solstice, Lammas, power animals, augury, shadow work, healing old wounds and candle magick.

The Fall Season months of September, October and November bring the transition from summer to fall, the Autumn Equinox, Samhain, ancestors, entropy, gratitude, earth magick and the elements.

The Winter Season months of December, January, and February bring the transition from fall to winter, Yule/Winter Solstice, Imbolc, reflecting on the year, vision boards, setting intentions, choosing a word of the year, spells and self-care.

There are also sections on working with the moon’s cycles and phases, green witch basics and the foundations of Ravynwood.

Printables, workbooks, and handouts are also included.

The lessons are a combination of video and audio, with transcripts provided for all video/audio classes. You can decide which format works best for you.

You can get all the details about Ravynwylde here. 


Green witch woman in a long white gown facing away from the viewer and going into the forest. Ravynwylde Waitlist
Ravynwylde Wait List

Types of Practices & Rituals Inside the Sacred Year Journey for the Solitary Green Witch 

Since this is a self-guided journey, you’re able to choose the rituals and practices that resonate most with you. Whatever activities you choose should leave you feeling calm, ready for what comes next in life and “filled up”.  Experiment with what works for you. There are no rules or “must-do’s” here.

It’s ok to modify your practice to suit your situation, the time you have and your energy levels. Be flexible and creative and you’re sure to come up with something that’s perfect for you.

Here are some of the things you can choose to include in your sacred year journey.

  • Daily Rituals: Daily rituals are an essential part of this sacred year journey. You’re encouraged to create a daily practice that includes things like greeting the sun, setting intentions, journaling, gratitude, self-care, creativity, meditation or journeying, grounding, centering, and connecting with the natural world.

You might include lighting candles, catching as many sunrises and sunsets as you can, offering prayers, using affirmations, or short meditations. Daily rituals provide a consistent and sacred space for you to align with your path and when done first thing in the morning, they set a positive tone for your whole day.

  • Meditation: Meditation is a powerful practice to include in your sacred year journey. It cultivates mindfulness, inner peace, and a deeper connection with yourself and the natural world. Through meditation, you can access your intuition, receive guidance, and deepen your spiritual connection to something larger than yourself.
  • Journaling: Journaling is a vital tool for self-reflection, introspection, and personal growth. Everyone is encouraged to keep a journal to record experiences, insights, dreams, and magickal workings. Journaling allows for self-expression, the exploration of emotions, and the tracking of progress and transformations throughout the journey.
  • You might want to specialize this a bit and keep a Book of Shadows, dream journal, Book of the Seasons or a gratitude journal alongside a general purpose journal where you can record your everyday thoughts.
  • Working with Herbs, Crystals, and Natural Elements: Using herbs, crystals, and other natural elements is a part of green witch magickal practices. Working with these natural elements amplifies the intention, energy, and effectiveness of your magickal workings.

Note:  you do not need any expensive equipment or supplies for this course. Use what you have on hand or things found in your environment.  Our ancestors did and doing so is as effective today as it was for them.

You can explore the properties and correspondences of various herbs and crystals and learn how to incorporate them into your rituals, spells, and healing practices. You may find that you’re drawn to certain objects as you move through each month of this course. You’re encouraged to further explore on your own, those things that call to you.

  • Nature Walks & Observing Plants and Animals: Spending time outdoors is an important part of connecting with the Earth’s living beings. By getting outdoors and immersing yourself in nature, you deepen your connection with the natural world, develop a sense of reverence, and gain inspiration and wisdom from Mother Earth and her beings. All of nature is an oracle.

Even if you live in an urban area, you can still find ways to get outdoors. Try public parks or conservancy areas. Arboretums and public gardens are also good options.

  • Gardening and learning about ways to help the pollinators with your plantings are a way to honor Mother Earth and become a good steward to the land you live on, whether it’s a postage stamp size lot or hundreds of acres. This helps you become aware of the ecosystem that you’re a part of and the need for environmental responsibility.
  • Rituals for the points on the Wheel of the Year. Rituals and ceremonies for each Sabbat can help you align to the energies and themes of the season. You can create altars, do spell work, make offerings, or even gather with others to celebrate.

To recap, there’s lots of options for you to choose. Pick what feels right to you and experiment with your practices to find what’s perfect for you. You can include daily rituals, meditation, journaling, working with herbs and crystals, communing with nature, and engaging in gardening or other earth-based activities.

Using these practices deepens your connection with nature and supports your personal growth and transformation plus these things help you align with the cycles of the natural world allowing you to tap into the inherent wisdom and magick of the Earth.


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Enroll today!

Summary of Ravynwylde – A Sacred Year Journey for the Solitary Green Witch 

To recap, Ravynwylde – A Sacred Year Journey for the Solitary Green Witch  is a transformative and empowering experience.

Note:  You don’t have to be a witch to enjoy this course, but it is designed for the green witch.

Throughout this blog post, we’ve explored the nature of this sacred year journey, its unique aspects, and the benefits it offers to those who choose it.

Committing to this year-long journey aligned with the cycles of nature, you open yourself up to a profound transformation.

The journey supports personal growth, connection with nature, and magickal development. Through the exploration of various themes, rituals, and practices, you’ll deepen your understanding of yourself, your spirituality, and your relationship with Mother Earth.

The benefits of a sacred year journey are abundant. Ravynwylde – A Sacred Year Journey for the Solitary Green Witch  offers you a path for personal growth, healing, and aligning your life with the natural rhythms and cycles of the Earth.

You’ll experience personal empowerment, self-discovery, and a deepened connection with the natural world, enhanced intuition, a sense of mindfulness and gratitude and more!

If you feel drawn to taking your own sacred year journey, we encourage you to take the leap. Consider dedicating a year of your life to this transformative experience.


Have questions? We’re here to help.  Send a message. 

Want to jump on a quick call to see if it’s right for you? Send a message to get scheduled.


Remember, Ravynwylde – A Sacred Year Journey for the Solitary Green Witch  is a self-directed, personal and unique path.

It’s a journey to embrace the cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth, trust in your own intuition and inner wisdom and embrace the challenges and the joys that come with the journey

The cycles of the seasons will guide you and remind you of the ever-changing, ever-growing nature of your own spirit. Inside the seasons lies the profound wisdom of the sacred.

Discover the magick within you as you cultivate your deep connection with Mother Earth as you take this sacred year journey.

Get all the details for Ravynwylde – A Sacred Year Journey for the Solitary Green Witch, here.

Enrollment is open once per quarter. You can find the wait list here.

Blessed Be.



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