About Us

Wheel of the Year nature altar. Sunflowers, lantern, deer antler on a stump.
About Ravynwood....

A place of discovery, connection, and healing......for witches and pagan women.

Ravynwood is inspired by nature, ancient wisdom, and ancestors. A place of discovery, connection, and healing.  It’s for witches and pagan women (including those who want to be). Women who want to deeply connect to Mother Earth. 

Those who want to remember who they are. Create lives of meaning, purpose, peace, flow and joy with nature’s wisdom as a guide.

This is a place to be seen, heard, supported and inspired.  

Blending the old and new.  The magickal and the practical.  

Ravynwood holds deep reverence for nature. That’s reflected in each program, but even more in Ravynwylde.  Ravynwylde is the flagship program that guides you through the Wheel of the Year over  a 12 month sacred journey.  

All classes and offerings support your healing journey, transformation, creating joy in your everyday life and spiritual growth.  

Foundations like meditation, journaling, self-care and healing creativity are also offered through Ravynwood Foundations.

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About your guide....

Merry Meet! 

I’m Karen.
Wise Woman, Crone, Nature Priestess, Green Witch, Eclectic Pagan, Shamanic Practitioner, Animist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Teacher, Coach & Guide.

I help women reconnect to Mother Earth, her beings and themselves. They let go of old programming, listen to their inner voice, heal old wounds, and move forward in an empowered way to create lives rooted in peace, flow, joy and meaning. 

I’ve taken my many years of hard-earned life wisdom, plus the things I’ve learned from my own healing and spiritual journeys that span decades, and blended it with the practical and magickal to create programs that support you as you’re guided on your personal journey of healing and transformation.

Here, you have a place to be seen, heard, supported, and inspired. 

Community and connection are cornerstones of Ravynwood.

When I’m not working, you can find me outdoors enjoying nature, gardening, riding my horse, or reading a good book.


About us, Karen, Wise Woman of Ravynwood, healer, green witch, coach, shamanic practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher.
deer with a large set of antlers in a beautiful forest filled with color and light
What we live by here:

Ravynwood Values

  • There’s no one size fits all solution for anything.
  • We are all a work in progress – every day. Growth is ongoing.
  • Progress over perfection.
  • Solutions should be simple and elegant.
  • Integrity in all things. Kindness. Giving back. 
  • Deep reverence, respect, reciprocity and gratitude for Mother Earth and her beings. Everything here aligns with earth-based spirituality including green witchery, animism and shamanism. 
  • All is a blend of practical and magickal.
  • Creating a sacred container where everyone is seen, heard, supported and inspired.
  • Learn and teach. 
  • Creating a ripple that helps others create peace, flow, joy, meaning and purpose in their lives.