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Self-Study Courses

All self-study courses can be found here.

This course is currently closed for enrollment, but you can get on the waitlist here. 

 Doing the deep work with shadow can help you heal, alchemize your pain into power and move forward with clarity, passion and purpose. One student said “we all leveled up” about her experience in the Shadow Work Class. Are you ready to level up? Get the class here. 

Everyone needs boundaries. Empaths have unique needs and a tough time creating and holding boundaries. This class is just for those folks, to help them create, understand and enforce their boundaries to improve their lives and relationships. Get the course here. 

Learn about spirit guides, type of guides and how you can get started working with your guides. Get this class here. 

Every witch (and non-witch) needs to know the basics of energy. This class is the perfect place to begin if you’re new to the spiritual path. Learn about your energy centers and how you can work with them to create balance in your life. Get it here. 

It can be tough to begin a meditation practice. This self-paced mini-course and planner will help you get started! Get it here. 

Make your witchy summer a little more magickal with this short course designed to inspire you to connect with the season, Mother Earth, the trees, and your own soul in a way that is only possible in the summer months. Get it here. 

Not yet available, but check back soon.  

Not yet available, but check back soon. 

Beltane is celebrated on May 1. This short course introduces you to this point on the Wheel of the Year and helps you create a celebration that’s just right for you. Get it today. 

Following the seasons and celebrating the Wheel of the Year is an empowering way to create connection, healing for yourself and along the way, rediscovery of your own soul. This bite-sized course focuses on celebrating the Summer Solstice. Get it here. 

The Wheel of the Year has turned again to Lammas, the first harvest festival of the year. This bite-sized course takes you through celebrating this sabbat with bonus sections for candle magick and creating a spell jar. Click here to get it. 

October brings us Samhain and a thinning of the veil between the worlds as the seasons shift more fully into fall. Celebrating Samhain, honoring our ancestors and tapping into the wisdom of entropy.  Get it here. 

Not yet available, but check back soon. 

Free Things

Lots of free goodies here! Choose from one-page sabbat guides, mini-courses, card spreads, printable items and more! 

Click here to sign-up. 

Have you been wondering about what green witchcraft is? Do you wonder if you’re a green witch? Want to discover the magickal world of green witchcraft? Then this is the perfect place to begin. Learn the basics with this free class. Sign up here.

Free 5 part video series to help you get started working with the moon. Learn about the phases of the moon, setting intentions, creating your altar, rituals you can do and more! Click here to get this free class. 

These single page guides are perfect for popping into your Book of Shadows so you can see at a glance all the important associations of each sabbat. 

Get them all inside the vault. Click here to get access to the vault.

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Spring Equinox – get it inside the Vault

Beltane – get it inside the Vault

Summer Solstice 


Fall Equinox



Resources for all types of things can be found here. From cool business tools to recommendations for yoga videos on YouTube plus fun freebies from my friends. 

Visit the Resources Page here. 

Lots of articles here. Everything from the yearly sabbat and esbat dates to living your best witchy life to tips on growing your own herbs. 

Visit the blog here. 


A Limited number of animal communication sessions are available each week.  Send and email to alchemy@ravynwood.com to request the details including how to book your session and fees.  

1:1 private spiritual coaching is available. To get all the details including available options, how to apply, and fees send an email to alchemy@ravynwood.com 

A limited number of Moon Readings are available. To get on the waitlist for these, send an email to alchemy@ravynwood.com 

A limited number of Reiki distance sessions are available each week.  To get all the details including how to book yours and fees, send an email to alchemy@ravynwood.com 

Here’s a selection of printables from the Printables Store. You can visit the store here. 


For the witch, nature is a wise teacher. A source of guidance and inspiration. Connect to nature like a witch with this workbook that features 100 prompts.

Get it here. 

Learn to work with the 4 elements of earth, air, fire and water with this full-color 70 page PDF guide. Get your copy here. 

Magickal Gardening for the Green Witch printable features lots of topics to help you plan, manage and use your garden bounty. Get yours today. Get it here.

Get to know all of you with this journal featuring 30 journal prompts, mood tracker, trigger tracker, and a section about shadow work are inside to help you explore and integrate your shadow self. Get your copy here.

Spellwork Journal to help you plan and track your spellwork and outcomes. 21 pretty pages with bird design. Get it here. 

24 page black and white planner to help you align to the phases and cycles of the moon. Track, plan, manifest with this planner. Get yours here.

30 pages that you can use to create your very own witchy journal or Book of Shadows. Black & white, easy to print at home. Cute cat design. Get your copy here.