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Ravynwylde - A Sacred Year Journey for the Green Witch

Reconnect to Mother Earth

Reconnect to Mother Earth and your own soul with this unique program that leads you through a 12 month journey with the Wheel of the Year. 

Ancient Wisdom

At the heart is ancient wisdom – bringing together the practical and the magical inside this sacred container for discovery, growth and reconnection. 

Modern Life

Bring magick to the ordinary. Integrate the practical and magickal in your every day life as you create a whole new way to see the world. 

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shadow work emblem with dark forest background

Shadow Work $97

Whether you're new to shadow work or have been doing it for years, this class will help you uncover the things that are ready to come to the surface.

This powerful self-guided class is now open for enrollment.

 Doing the deep work with shadow can help you heal, alchemize your pain into power and move forward with clarity, passion and purpose.

One student said “we all leveled up” about her experience in the Shadow Work Class. Are you ready to level up?

Click below to learn more. 

Boundaries for Empaths class badge showing a woman walking on fire

Boundaries for Empaths $37

If you're new to setting boundaries or you need a refresher, this is for you.

Everyone needs boundaries. Empaths have unique needs and a tough time creating and holding boundaries.  This class is just for those folks, to help them create, understand and enforce their boundaries to improve their lives, relationships and communication. Sign up today. Get all the details here. 

power animals membership emblem with spirit bear

Power Animal Membership- Just $7 a month

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Power animals help us understand the world we live in. They offer us guidance and wisdom for navigating our days and our challenges.  This membership is focused on creating reverent relationships with power animals and seeking out their unique guidance for our personal journeys of growth and transformation.  New lesson and journal each month.  

Printables shop badge

Printable Workbooks, Planners & Journals

Printable Guides, Workbooks, Planners & More

Workbooks, planners, journals, spell books, grimoire pages and more.  Support your journey with these printable PDF goodies.  

Programs, classes and offerings include Ravywood Foundations Membership - graphic is for this.

Ravynwood Foundations - Monthly Membership
Just $9 a month

If you need some help creating your strong foundations, this is for you!

Create solid foundations for every day life with this affordable monthly membership.  You’ll create new habits, practice existing ones and support your growth and well-being in this easy-to-fit-into your life format. 

Chakra & Crystal Healing for Beginners class badge

Chakra & Crystal Healing for Beginners $27

Best for beginners

Every witch needs to know the basics of energy. This class is a perfect place to begin if you’re new to the spiritual path.  Learn about your energy centers and how you can work with them to create balance in your life.  Crystals are popular in all healing and spiritual circles and with good reason.  Here, you’ll be introduced to a selection that you can use to create results in your chakra practice.  Online class.  

Also Available:

Introduction to Spirit Guides – get all the details here. 

Ravynwylde - A Sacred Year Journey for the Green Witch

Ancient Wisdom. Modern life. Infinite Possibilities.