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Power Animals Membership

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Are you ready to unlock the magick of working with power animals?

 Working with power animals can help you tap into your intuition, gain clarity, and find deeper meaning in your life. You can harness their strengths and use their wisdom to guide you on your journey.

Through this monthly membership you’ll develop a powerful connection to nature through the animal kingdom and learn to tap into the ancient wisdom of working with power animals.

Discover the magick and wonder of working with power animals.

 Power Animals Membership 

Imagine what it would be like.....

To connect to power animals anytime.

Power animals are there to help you and guide you as you move through life.  They can give you guidance, share wisdom and offer protection through intuitive nudges. 

  • Learn to tune in to the messages from power animals.
  • Allow them to help you, offer you guidance and protection as you navigate through life
  • Learn to call upon them to tap into their unique gifts.  
  • Understand the symbolism of each animal.

Animals have always been my conduit to the natural world. Creating a deep connection to nature.

Power Animal membership deer power animal, stag with large antlers

EAch month features one animal in an easy to use package

What message does deer have for you?

Deer is just one of the animals that you’ll meet as you go through this membership. 

Each month offers a PDF workbook and easy exercises to help you tap into the unique qualities of that animal. 

Grow your intuition, connect with your power animal, learn to work with their unique qualities and more with this monthly membership. 

"The steps are easy to follow. This program will help you continue to grow as a person and make yourself a priority."
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Clarity. Wisdom. Meaning.

Unlock a world of possibilities  as you discover a world you never knew existed when you connect with power animals. Their guidance and wisdom will help you uncover your own strengths too. 

Ravynwood Power Animal Membership

What's inside for you:


Easy ways to connect

Each month features one power animal that you can get to know as you work through the simple exercises and begin to tap into that animal’s guidance. 


Be inspired and supported

These relationships you build with the animal spirits will inspire you and support you on your spiritual or personal growth journey through the wisdom they share. 


Get support

While the Power Animal Membership is a self-guided journey, you’re supported by Voxer Office Hours so that you can get 1:1 help each month.


Like a pebble in a pond...the benefits spread outward....

This membership provides you with a simple way to get guidance and assistance any time you need it.  You’ll build your intuition and connect more deeply to the natural world as you continue working with power animals.

let power animals guide you on your journey......

  • Connecting with power animals can help you tap into your own inner wisdom and strength. 
  • Each animal’s symbolism helps you learn new perspectives on your life situation and access new sources of inspiration and motivation. 
  • You can call upon these animal allies whenever you need to tap into the power and help they offer to find your way through life’s challenges. 
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"Ravynwood is a place to learn and grow in a safe and loving container. It's worth every penny and then some."
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Ready to discover a beautiful new world of power animals?

This is for you if...

"It has been the start of a wonderful journey and I am so happy you were put on my path to be a friend, a guide and a teacher."
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Linda Jo
"Karen is very in tune with her students and her classes are done in a way that is easy to follow and the best part is they can be done at your pace! 10/10 would recommend."
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Jump in and begin today, why wait?

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How can Working with power animals help you?

Bear symbolizes transformation, wisdom and solitude

Working with Bear can help you with all this & more:

Or, maybe you need a guide for Good judgement?

Owl is a guide for good judgement and wisdom

What does working with owl help with? All this and more:

barn owl in midflight, wings open wide. Resources page.

Sounds good, right?

So... how does it work?


Join the Power Animal Membership

Once you buy your membership, you’ll be able to immediately access the materials.  Every 30 days, you’ll have a new package to explore in this self-guided journey. 



Log in to your account

Log in and begin.  Every 30 days you’ll get a new animal to work with. 



Get support

Mark your calendar and attend Voxer Office Hours to get support, ask questions or for a bit of inspiration. 

"Karen Miller makes herself available for her students. If a student has a question or is struggling with any part of a lesson, the student need only reach out either by DM (Direct message), comment on the frequent posts made by Karen, or ask in the private group page. Karen will work with you to schedule a convenient day and time for a one-on-one video meeting. It's nice to know your teacher is a "click" away ready and willing to help."
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"I also wanted to say thank you. This has been an amazing experience for me so far. I'm blessed to have crossed paths with you and now I get to finally do what I always wanted."
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Are you ready...?

Power Animal Membership

In this self-guided journey, you’ll receive a PDFjournal/workbook every month, along with a lesson on the featured animal and a 5 minute journaling page.  Then, if you need some help or have questions, you can get 1:1 help via monthly Voxer Office Hours.  


You'll get


Per month

Join today!

Power Animal Membership, showing a white spirit bear with the name of the membership with a natural background

What will you discover?

Ravynwood Power Animal Membership

Any questions?


Anyone with an interest in knowing more about working with Power Animals. If you love bite sized lessons and exercises you can work with on your own, you’ll love this. 

Once you’ve registered, you will have access to one month of content.

Every 30 days, you’ll make a monthly payment and a new package is released to you.

Be sure to check spam folders if you didn’t received your enrollment email.

If you need further assistance, please email alchemy@ravynwood.com


You’ll access this content through the student portal.

All lesson content is written. 

You get printable PDF files with your purchase.

8 1/2″ x 11″ size

This is a downloadable, printable item. Nothing will be shipped to you.

Ravynwood Power Animal Membership is a self-guided journey supported by Voxer Office Hours. Each month, there’s a printable PDF that will support you in working with that month’s animal.  There’s also a lesson about the power animal and a 5 minute journaling page for you to record your thoughts about this animal.  Each lesson also has an image of that month’s animal. 


You can email us at alchemy@ravynwood.com

We’re here to help.

All issues are usually resolved within 3 business days.


 Watch your welcome dashboard or the newsletter for dates. 


There’s some help inside the membership to get you started including a link to the help screens at Voxer. It’s easy. If you can text, you can use Voxer.


Yes, you can cancel at any time. You are in charge of your membership.


Due to the digital nature of this membership, there aren’t refunds available.  However, you can cancel at any time if you find this membership isn’t a good fit for you. 


Please contact us here if you have other questions. 

Our normal business hours are Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm eastern time.