The Green Witch's Guide to the Magick of March cover showing snowdrop flowers blooming in a field with Welcome March across the images.

The Green Witch’s Guide to the Magick of March

March is a blessed time of reawakening, rebirth, renewal and rejuvenation. The Green Witch’s Guide to the Magick of March will explore how March holds a special magick for those of us who embrace the path of the green witch. 

The Ravynwood Way of the Green Witch 

Now, my practice may look a little different than yours and that’s absolutely 100% ok.  There’s no one way to practice your craft.  You are allowed to modify or leave out anything that doesn’t resonate with you.  In fact, I encourage that because your practice should always reflect you and what you embrace, value and believe.  After decades of following the path of the old ways and green witchery, I am still modifying my practices as I learn new things.  

Here’s what my own practice draws from: 

  • Deep reverence for Mother Earth & her beings 
  • Animals as conduits to deeper connection to all of nature
  • Plants, trees, seasonal shifts, migrations, rhythms of the natural world and alignment to it 
  • Divinity and value in all things 
  • Light balances dark and one doesn’t exist without the other 
  • Traditions of the green, nature, hedge, kitchen, and moon witches
  • Shamanism and its practices
  • Reiki energy work 


The Green Witch’s Guide to the Magick of March Spring Magick 

March brings us to the time of the year when nature begins to reawaken after the long winter.  The signs are beginning to emerge with the first blooms of spring, longer daylight hours and a sense that the world is quickening just a bit.  The bird migrations bring back the robins, Canada Geese and turkey vultures to my area of the world, signaling this shift.  March weather can swing wildly from the sunny warmth of early spring to snowfall that can be measured in feet.  

Depending on where you are in the world, this is a time when you may experience rain, snow, sleet, wind, tornadoes, and flooding. Where I live, those things can all be seen within the same week and we also get days where it seem that we experience all 4 seasons in the same day

Maybe you can relate. 

For the green witch, these themes of destruction are worth exploring a little deeper through reflection and journaling.  Remembering that each ending is also a beginning. I consider this aspect of the spring season akin to the shadow self. The shadow side of spring.  

Connecting to the spring season:


Journal Prompts for Spring: 
  • What do I associate with spring? – list it out 
  • What do I think of when I hear terms like reawakening, rebirth and renewal?  
  • How do I feel those thoughts in my being? 
  • How do I experience those themes at this time? 


Try This Exercise:  To connect with the natural magick of March, get outside and take in the changes in your yard, local park or neighborhood.  Take note of anything that’s blooming, types of birds you notice and colors, textures and sounds.  Watch the weeds.  What pops up first where you live?  

For me, it’s coltsfoot.  These small yellow flowers resemble dandelion but they will have no leaves since coltsfoot blooms first and then gets foliage.  

Spring Seasonal Activity: 

Journal your observations and keep your notes handy so that you can begin to build your Magickal Book of the Months of the Year. I think of this as part grimoire and part journal.  Yours will be different from anyone else’s. You can’t get this wrong so don’t overthink this activity. Go with whatever feels right for you.  This is all about building your connections to the season. 


Daffodils are one of the magickal associations of March - The Green Witch's Guide to Magickal March
Daffodils are a symbol of springtime magick.


The Green Witch’s Guide to the Magick of March Facts about Magickal March


Associations of March 

Themes: Reawakening, renewal, rebirth 

Deities:  Diana, Kwan Yin, Poseidon

Crystals & Stones:  Aquamarine, Jade, Bloodstone, Jasper 

Animals:  Cougar, Whale, Rabbit, Frog 

Flowers:  Daffodil, Narcissus 


Celtic Tree Month:  March 18 –  April 14  – Alder Tree 


Moons of March 

New Moon in Pisces – Neptune rules 

Full Moon in Virgo – Mercury rules 


Wheel of the Year: 

Ostara/Spring Equinox 


Exercise to try:  You might want to use this list as inspiration to explore all of these topics a bit further through meditation, journaling and reflection on what each of these things means to you.



The Green Witch’s Guide to the Magick of March Connect to the Moon


Every green witch will naturally be drawn to the moon. Our ancestors used the moon to help them know when to plant, when to harvest and when to make preparations for the coming winter so in many ways, working with the moon’s phases and cycles is wired into our DNA. 

During March, we will have the new moon in Pisces and the full moon in Virgo. 

 Aligning yourself with the cycles of the moon is a great way to begin connecting to all of nature in a deeper way.  If you’re new to this, you can begin very simply by just tracking the moon’s waxing and waning phases.  Noticing what each feels like for you.  

The waning phase of the moon is from full moon until new moon.  

The waxing phase of the moon is from new moon until full moon.  

You can harness the energies of each of these moon phases to support your spiritual journey, healing journey or personal growth. You can also use the energies of each phase as a guideline for your magickal practices.  


Get your copy of the Free Full Moon Workbook here. 


Here’s some simple ways to connect to the March moons. 


New Moon in Pisces 

This new moon is great for making magick and for creative visualization.  Set intentions for your spells or manifesting around healing.  Recommit to your meditation practice if you’ve let it slip.  Pisces is a water sign and the last new moon of any cycle.  


A simple ritual for new moon 

As busy witches, we don’t always have time (or bandwidth) for a full on ritual.  This short ritual can take the place of a more elaborate one when time is short.  Remember that the most important part of your witchy workings is your intention, not the tools you have.  

Begin by feeling grateful for everything you already have.  This sets the tone for your manifesting and intentions.  (Gratitude is such a powerful practice all by itself.)

Make a list of 3 – 5 things that you want to bring into your life. 

Once you have your list, then review it, feeling each item as already being done.  How do you feel now that they’re complete?  What does it feel like to have them?  Hold onto these feelings. This is what it takes to make the magick happen.  

Then, burn your list to give it power.  Be sure to do so safely.  

To finish up, meditate for a few minutes.  Imagine sending out your wishes to the Universe to handle.  Have faith and don’t attach to any certain outcome.  Leave room for the Universe to work on your behalf.  Surrender over to the Universe the how part. That’s for the Universe to figure out.  When you’ve completed your meditation, then you can say “and so it is” or “so mote it be” or tell the Universe that you’ll accept “this or something better”.  Now, you’ll go on about your day, knowing that the Universe has heard you. 


March New Moon Journal Prompts
  • What’s something spontaneous that you’ve done recently? 
  • How are you feeling during this new moon? 
  • What’s improving in your life? 




Full Moon in Virgo – The Worm Moon

This is a time when we might feel anxious. These feelings are created by the sun is in Pisces and this full moon is in Virgo.  These two signs are rather juxtaposed to each other.  I’ve heard them described as being like the accountant (Virgo)  and the poet (Pisces).  


Journaling Exercise:  Explore how you are like Virgo’s accountant sort of energy and how you’re like the Pisces poet energy?  How can you maintain balance between these two energies? 


A simple ritual for full moon 

Full moon is the perfect time for forgiveness and releasing what no longer serves you.  Take a few moments to sit in contemplation and then make a list of everyone that you wish to forgive at this full moon.  (Include yourself if needed.)  In your list, include as many details as you wish.  

Now that you’ve made your list, then begin to bring those folks on your list to mind. Visualize them surrounded by pink or green energy (the colors of the heart chakra). Visualize good feelings between the two of you.  Imagine everyone smiling.  Feel it as real in your heart.  Say to them that you forgive them.  Let the image of them in your mind float away. 


Then reflect on what you need to let go of so that you can bring new things into your life (at new moon).  It might be a bad habit or a relationship, a job or lover.  Write these things down. 

You can repeat the process above, but this time visualizing the things you need to let go of surrounded by pink or green energy and drifting away from you.  

As a final step, burn your lists and feel gratitude for the lessons learned.  


March Full Moon Journal prompts: 
  • How have you been spending your mental energy? 
  • What do you need to release in order to manifest the things you really want in your life? 
  • What’s one way that you can get out of your comfort zone? 

Get your copy of the Free Full Moon Workbook here.


The rabbit is a symbol associated with the month of March and Spring Equinox - image is a brown rabbit with clover in its mouth.
Rabbits are a symbol of springtime and fertility.


The Green Witch’s Guide to the Magick of March The Wheel of the Year 


Ostara, also called the Spring Equinox happens between March 20 and 23 depending on the year and the traditions you follow.  Most green witches will celebrate it on March 21 but you should choose a day according to what resonates with you.  

Remember: There’s no one way to be a green witch and no one way to celebrate. 

This is a time to celebrate the themes of spring – the renewal, rebirth and reawakening.  This marks the beginning of the time of the year associated with growing, fertility and abundance.  We can literally and figuratively plant the seeds of what we want to grow in our lives over these next few months until we reach the harvest season that begins on August 1 with Lammas. 


Ancestor tip:  My great-grandmother always planted her peas on St. Patrick’s Day for luck and my grandmother always planted according to the phases of the moon.  These are themes of green witchery that you might want to explore further if they resonate with you.  



Simple activities to celebrate Ostara/Spring Equinox: 

  • Get outside and observe the natural world and then journal your thoughts, feelings and observations.  You can also draw or doodle what you saw.  Add these things to your Magickal Book of the Months of the Year
  • Do grounding and/or earthing to connect with Mother Earth. 
  • Garden planning – every green witch needs a garden full of vegetables, herbs and flowers.  Explore options, varieties and suppliers. Even if all you have room for is a single flower pot, look at what herbs or flowers you can grow in a container.  (If you need a little inspiration, check out this garden planner.)
  • Build an outdoor altar with natural items and make an offering to Mother Earth.  Your offering can be wine, water or food – choose whatever resonates with you and reverently offer it to her. 
  • For those who can’t practice outside, do it inside – even a mini altar will do (try making your mini-altar from a mint tin) 
  • Since hares are a symbol of this time, explore rabbits and hares as power animals.  
  • Do a bit of magickal cleaning by whipping up some of your very own cleaning potions.


Journal Prompts for Spring Equinox:  
  • What do rabbits and hares mean to you?  
  • What do they symbolize to you? 
  • What seeds am I planting now? 
  •  What do I want to grow in my life over the next few months? 


Tip:  You can construct your outdoor altar with things you find in your yard. My outdoor altar is a large stump that is flat on top, approximately 3 feet high and about 2 ft in diameter. 


The Green Witch’s Guide to the Magick of March Celtic Tree Month 


Being a green witch and with ancestors descended from the Celts, I’m drawn to work with trees and the tree months.  The Celtic Tree Months are a way to connect with and honor the traditions of your ancestors. Tree months are also sometimes referred to as Celtic Moon Months. The tree months run from mid-month to mid-month.  The Ash Tree Month is from February 18 – March 17 and then March 18 begins the Alder month.  It runs until April 14.  

I’ve added my own twist to these traditions that I’ll share with you here:  

I use each tree month as a way to connect more deeply with that particular type of tree.  While hiking (which I consider to be a moving meditation and magickal practice all on its own), I look for trees associated with this month, and then say a prayer of gratitude for all the good they bring into the world.  Honoring the relationship between humans and trees. 

I seek permission from the tree to embrace it while I do this.  Sometimes that’s not safe or practical so I will skip that part of it and just say the prayer out loud in the presence of the tree. In this way, I can connect more deeply with the magick of that tree, all of nature, and my own soul.  



Spring is indeed a magickal time and when you tap into this seasonal shift and the rhythms of springtime and the themes of the season, it becomes a ritual of honoring this change.  I hope that you’re inspired by the ideas in this post to create your very own spring traditions.  


I hope that you have enjoyed The Green Witch’s Guide To the Magick of March. 


Blessed be friends, see you next time.



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 March associations taken from:  Llewellyn’s 2023 Magical Almanac 

Some of the moon practices are adapted from Moonology™ – I’m a Certified Moonologer™