Celebrate Yule, woman observes the night sky

How to celebrate Yule

How to Celebrate Yule – Using the Magic of the Season

The Winter Solstice, also called Yule, is always observed right around December 21 every year in the Northern Hemisphere.

This holiday celebrates the time when daylight begins to return to the earth.  It’s a time of rebirth and renewal for the sun.

Because the holiday has been handed down from ancient times through many cultures, some traditions will celebrate it as a single day, while others will celebrate it over three days and others as a 12 day event. Some will also celebrate on Twelfth Night, and others will not.  There is no right or wrong way to celebrate, so do whatever feels right to you.  Make this celebration your own – that is where the true magic of the holiday is.

Light is always featured in Yule celebrations. Whether it’s lighting a ritual balefire (bonfire) or a single candle, the return of the light to the earth is always celebrated at Yule.  We’re even celebrating our own inner light now, too.

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This day also marks the beginning of the winter season. A season mostly associated with long nights, little daylight, snow, and cold temperatures.  But the winter season has so much more to offer than that! (and don’t forget the small joys of winter: boots, cozy sweaters and hot tea!)

In this post,  we’ll take a look at:

  • Using the Magic of the Yule & Winter Season
  • Decorating with Natural Items and
  • 10 Ways to celebrate Yule

So grab some of your favorite hot tea, and let’s have a look……….

Using the Magic of Yule & Winter in your life

This is undeniably a Season of Magick.

We should revel in the magic and celebration of Yule but we can also use the wisdom of the winter season to help us in all the seasons ahead.  Winter is great at reminding us to slow down, remain present, and reflect on the year behind us while planning for the year ahead. (Get out those journals and planners!)

This season of rebirth and death, also reminds us that those two things  are just opposite sides of the same coin.  All things are connected, each tied to the next in an intricate dance, just like Nature herself.  It’s a great time to get outside and take a look at the world this season.  Observe or sense the workings of nature at this time.

Winter has both a beauty and a brutality.  The Yin & Yang.  So while we are celebrating our inner light, it also calls on us to have a look at our own shadow side.  We can then invite those shadow parts of ourselves into the whole of us, fully embracing both the light and the dark, just as this season does.

All seasonal cycles relate to our own stages in life. Winter is typically associated with old age, and transitioning from this life.  Both of those themes can be literal and figurative. What has grown old in your life?  What is it time to let go of?  Take a look at what this season means to you. We can always draw upon the wisdom of the winter season, no matter whether we are in our own winter season or not.

Winter Season prompts to journal or meditate on:

  • Sunlight and what it means to you.
  • What are the lessons you’ve learned this year?  Bless them and let them go.
  • What intentions do you have for this season?
  • Hibernation: What can we learn from the animals that hibernate in winter?  What lessons do they have to share with us?

Borrow the wisdom of the winter season and make it your own.


Celebrate Yule with Natural Elements

Decorating a tree with natural elements is pretty simple.  It doesn’t require a big budget and can make use of found items.  Plus, everything can probably just go in the compost when you are done with it, instead of the landfill, making it a green choice too!

When you choose natural items, you bring the magic of them to your tree or home.  Look up the symbolism of the items you have found to understand their magic better.

Of course, we all have those special ornaments.  The ones that take you right back to the moments they represent. The ones made by your children, or given to you by someone special. I love using them every year!  These are the small, but precious joys of the holiday season, aren’t they?

Combining those precious memory filled ornaments with items found in nature, is my favorite way to decorate for the season!

Candles in festive seasonal colors of green, gold, red, or white will help set the mood too.  Incense, in either stick or loose form, can be burned to bring a nice energy to your celebration.  Choose frankincense, cedar, pine or myrrh, or anything you like!

Try these items:

Note: Not all items are non-toxic, so use care in selecting your items.





Holly Berries



Dried Fruit Slices

Small Rocks in pretty colors or unusual shapes  (use wire or twine to secure these)

Popcorn Strings

Small Twigs fashioned into shapes such as stars

Seed Pods

Dried Summer Herbs from your garden

Pine Boughs

Spices (like cloves) tied up in fabric for scent

Salt Dough ornaments

Celebrate Yule and Solstice decoration featuring greenery arrangement featuring evergreens, pine cones and silver spheres.

The fir or pine tree is a symbol of birth and rebirth.

10 ways to Celebrate Yule

  • Decorate!   Do a scavenger hunt with the whole family to find items to use in your decorating! (Let the crock pot handle dinner!)
  • Do a holiday meal.  Get everyone in on it. Anything goes, so be creative.
  • Wear seasonal colors of red, green, gold, and white.
  • Play Yule music while you decorate or cook.  YouTube has several playlists.  I especially like this one: Yule Playlist 
  • Burn candles inscribed with your wishes. (Remember to do so safely!)
  • Be grateful and bless others through donations to your favorite charities.
  • Set your intentions for the New Year and reflect on this year.
  • Create a vision board to manifest your intentions.
  • Take care of you through self-care, like getting enough rest, or relaxing salt baths
  • Do a Wishing Leaves Ceremony for your wishes and intentions. Just write your wishes on bay leaves or on paper leaves.  Burn these in your Yule balefire or in a fireproof container. Visualize your wishes as already manifested.  You can also hang these on your Yule tree instead of burning them.


There’s no rules for celebrating any witchy holiday, so always do whatever feels right for you.  Make it your own.  That’s the true magick of the season.

And if you need a little food inspiration:

Celebrate Yule or any other holiday on the Wheel of the Year with some fresh baked goods.

My Favorite Chocolate Vinegar Cake

Fresh Baked Bread, My Grandmother’s Favorite Recipe

No matter what holiday you’re celebrating or how you’re doing it, may you be truly blessed this and every year!

Bright Yule Blessings.

Blessed be.


Get the free one page Yule/Winter Solstice Guide here. 

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