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How to Start Your New Year Right – 3 New Habits for the New Year

How to Start Your New Year Right – Three New Habits for the New Year

Three brand new habits for a brand new year!

You won’t find any new year’s resolutions here.  I don’t do those.  Instead, I set intentions for the new year.

The last few days of the year always make me deeply reflective.  I like to sit with what this year has been like before the new year begins.  I use this opportunity to celebrate the successes of the year and review what didn’t go well.   I bless the lessons learned and let them go. Plus, I look at what went well and what I’d like more of in the new year. This way, I can begin my new year with intention.

Sometimes that’s just one small step each day.  One moment, one decision, one thing moves me closer to the intentions I’ve set for the year.  Simplicity keeps me moving steadily forward.


These 3 very simple habits have been a game changer for me since implementing them a few years ago. Give them a go! Make them your own – there’s no one way to do anything.

In this post, we’ll take a  look at these three simple practices you can begin today.

  Start your year right!

Start Your Year Right Practice #1: Gratitude

A daily gratitude practice can help reframe everything to the positive by focusing on what you are grateful for.  You might only be able to come up with one thing a day.  That’s absolutely fine.  It can be difficult to find good in some things, in some days, or in some people. So if you are struggling to find even one thing to be grateful for, just say, “Thank you”. Even small changes can shift your perspective.

Start Your Year Right Practice #2: Intention

Set an overall intention for the coming year. This can serve as a powerful map for the choices you make this  year.

Maybe you want to change careers or experience more joy, peace, and magic in your days. Whatever it is, write it down somewhere that you are going to see it every day.  Maybe on your desk, or on your bathroom mirror.  Say it out loud to yourself each day.  This keeps what you want, front and center.

Set a daily intention too.  Start every day with your intention for the day.  Make it part of your morning routine or do it before you even get out of bed in the morning. This can be simple, like just saying to yourself that you are going to have a good day.  Let your intention set the tone for the day!

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Start Your Year Right Practice #3: Forgiveness

Letting go of what is no longer needed is a strong theme at the end of the year.  Forgiveness can be a pathway to let behind things that no longer serve you.  Forgive others, and forgive yourself.

Try the Ho’oponopono Mantra:

“I love you, I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.”

The word Ho’oponopono means “to put to rights”.

You can read more about the origins and meaning of Ho’oponopono on Wikipedia here. 

I absolutely love this practice and use it every day.  You can add it to any other affirmations you want to  use for the day.

BONUS TIP:  If you aren’t using affirmations, try adding them to your day too.  Try something simple like “I am a powerful creator” or “I am healed, whole, complete”.  Then add new ones as you’d like.

The Wrap -Up of Start Your Year Right

These three simple things can be just the start of making way for new habits in the new year!  Make each practice your own. There’s no one way to do these.  Keep it simple, and pay attention to what changes for you as you develop your very own practices.

Wishing you all the best in the new year!

Blessed be.


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