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10 Ways to Use Reiki in your Life

10 Ways to use Reiki in Your Life

Are you curious about how to use Reiki energy in your life?

Do you want to explore the ways that this modality might help you?

Here are 10 ways to use Reiki in your life. Whether you’re working with a practitioner or learning to use this wonderful energy for yourself.


10 Ways to use Reiki in Your Life
  • Help your bodies natural healing abilities
  • With your food and beverages before meals
  • With your animals or plants
  • Support for the  immune system
  • Promote deep relaxation in the body
  • Improved sleep
  • Alongside conventional medicine
  • With other alternative modalities
  • Support during times of transitions in life
  • Removing or reducing stress
Things to know about Reiki

First, let me say this:  I love Reiki.

It’s one of the Ravynwood Foundations. The Ravynwood Foundations are a collection of simple tools that have helped me navigate everything from everyday life to a dark night of the soul.

Each is simple to use and effective. Most of them don’t require any specialized training either. Reiki is the only one that does.

The Ravynwood Foundations are journaling, self-care, healing creativity, gratitude, meditation, and Reiki. For me, these tools make up a powerhouse toolkit for life.

Reiki is simply using the Universal Life Energy to support healing.  You can read more about what  Reiki is  on this blog post. 

These 10 ways to use Reiki are just the beginning.  (Obviously, there’s more than 10 ways to use it.)


As you move up the levels and deepen your practice, you are able to use it in even more ways to support yourself, your animal friends, family, and more.  Some of the options include sending Reiki over distances to people in another part of the world and using it to support healing past events and hurts you need to let go of.

There are many ways that  Reiki can benefit your life, personal growth, happiness, and well being.

 It can be used for balance in the body, mind and spirit, for personal growth and spiritual enlightenment, alongside other modalities, for wellness, or to promote healing in the body.

For many people, making an appointment with a Reiki practitioner will be the easiest way to benefit from this subtle energy.  These  appointments can be done  through in-person appointments or by distance energy transfer.


Distance sessions mean that you can be located anywhere in the world and work with a Reiki practitioner located far away from you, but still receive the exact same benefits as if the practitioner was in the same room with you.  This is possible because Reiki energy isn’t bound by time or space, and any practitioner who has learned through at least Second Level Reiki can transmit this energy over distances using the symbols that he or she was attuned to in that training.

Distance sessions are fantastic options for those not located near a practitioner or for those who would rather not travel for health or other reasons.  It also allows you to work with a Reiki practitioner that really resonates with you, since location isn’t important in your choice.

You can even receive Reiki as part of a group energy transfer.  Reiki is infinite, and there is always more than enough to go around, making these just as effective as individual sessions.

These techniques can be learned and used by anyone, making this simple, elegant energy technique available to  everyone.


Please Note :  Reiki isn’t a replacement for proper medical or veterinary care.  Always seek proper medical or veterinary attention.

That’s it for this time.  Have questions about Reiki, send them in here.  


Will you give Reiki a try? Which of these 10 ways to use Reiki is your favorite?

Blessed be.


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