Reiki and Coaching

What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a very simple energy healing technique.  This intelligent energy will go wherever it is needed to heal or balance the body, mind and spirit. 

Because there are minimal risks associated with using Reiki, it is suitable for everyone – adults, children, pregnant women, plants and animals.  It can be used with other holistic therapies, traditional medicine, conventional treatments or used on its own.  It is suitable for someone healthy, ill or if they have a chronic condition. 

Reiki works on the physical, energetic and spiritual level. 

In this post, we will explore the benefits, uses and how you might use Reiki for yourself. 

What is Reiki?

The short answer is that Reiki is an energy healing modality that uses the Universal Life Force to promote healing and balance in the body, mind and spirit. 

The word Reiki comes from the two Japanese words Rei and Ki.  Rei meaning universal and Ki meaning life force.  Together these translate to “spiritually guided life force energy”.   Looking a little deeper at the meaning of these two words provides a much greater understanding of what Reiki truly is.

Rei can be defined as meaning universal, but also as Higher Intelligence or more simply, the wisdom contained in all things.  This is what guides the evolution and development of everything.   Rei infuses everything and connects everything. 

Ki is a non-physical energy  found in all living things like plants, animals and humans.  Ki comes to us through our natural surroundings. We can get it through air, sleep, and food.  We can build our Ki through breathing techniques and meditation. Ki is also called prana, chi, qi and even soul.  Some other techniques used to balance this energy include yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and meditation. 

So, in combination, you have the wisdom of all things and the non-physical energy found in all living things or the energy known as Reiki. 

Why is Reiki Important?

So now we’ve looked at what Reiki is, let’s look at why it’s important.

Reiki will release negative thoughts stored in the body or in the aura, as well as in the actual physical organs.

This creates balance and restores health to those areas. 

It also works on the unconscious part of us, to break up negative thoughts or beliefs we might be holding onto. (Often we are unaware that we are doing this.)  

Reiki works on the cause of problems, not the symptoms.


Here are ways Reiki can help:

  • Helping our bodies natural healing abilities.
  • Mental and spiritual growth and transformation.
  • Being more present and tapping in to our intuition and inner wisdom. 
  • Dissolve any blocks we might be carrying with us.
  • Support the immune system.
  • Promoting deep relaxation and balance within the body.
  • Relieving emotional stress.
  • Reducing physical or emotional pain.
  • Promoting a positive outlook, more energy and better sleep.
  • Coping with transitions in life.
  • Supporting an intentional life, finding more joy, making positive changes, shifting mindset.
  • Help you live in the present, so you aren’t living in the past or worrying about the future. 
  • Can be used alongside conventional medicine and any other healing modality.
Reiki and Coaching

There are many ways that Reiki can benefit your life, personal growth, happiness and well being. It can be used for balance in the body, mind and spirit, for personal growth and spiritual enlightenment, alongside other modalities, for wellness or to promote healing in the body.  

For many folks, making an appointment with a Reiki practitioner will be the easiest way to benefit from this subtle energy.  These  appointments can be done  through in-person appointments or by distance energy transfer.

Distance sessions mean that you can be located anywhere in the world and work with a Reiki practitioner located far away from you, but still receive the exact same benefits as if the practitioner was in the same room with you.  This is possible because Reiki energy isn’t bound by time or space and any practitioner that has learned though at least Second Level Reiki can transmit this energy over distances using the symbols that he or she was attuned to in that training.  

Distance sessions are fantastic options for those not located near a practitioner or for those who would rather not travel for health or other reasons.  It also allows you to work with a Reiki Practitioner that really resonates with you, since location isn’t important in your choice. 

You can even receive Reiki as part of a group energy transfer.  Reiki is infinite, and there is always more than enough to go around, making these just as effective as individual sessions.

These techniques can be learned and used by anyone, making this simple, elegant energy technique available to everyone


What is Reiki good for? Real Life Success Using Reiki

If you look online, you are sure to find lots of success stories with using Reiki. 

For myself, I have seen first-hand through my work as an equine sports massage therapist, the added benefit it brought to my equine clients.  The combination of massage and Reiki was more successful at reducing pain or discomfort than with just massage alone.  Of course, I have also seen remarkable results with humans. 

When Reiki is combined with with strategic coaching techniques, there is a synergy created in the combination that supports clients in doing the work of change.  And for me, using these two powerful techniques together was a game changer.

When I began using a coach, I made sure to treat myself every day, as well as to send energy to the work I had to do and the outcomes. I was able to release old patterns more quickly, integrate new habits, change my mindset and move on toward my goals with more ease and focus.  I believe adding it in was what gave me that extra something in my journey.

While these anecdotal examples are great, there are more scientific observations about the success of Reiki too. 

Here are two studies that you might want to take a look at.  Both of these are about Reiki being used in hospitals.  Success is being reported by both patients and medical staff. 

1. The International Association of Reiki Practitioners post about Reiki in hospitals.

2. This is a study done on Reiki, showing that it actually works.


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I hope that you are inspired to try the wonderful, natural energy system known as Reiki in your own life.  If someone asks you “What is Reiki?”, now you’ll know.  

If you have any questions at all, please connect with me through my  Contact Page.


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