Green Witch Ways

woman in a long green hooded cape, looking into the distance, surrounded by forest and holding a bouquet to depict 12 types of witches

12 Types of Witches

If you look online, you’ll find many different types of witches referenced.  Kitchen witches, hedge witches, star witches, sea witches, forest witches, and of course, green witches, will be among them. It’s worth noting that there are no strict requirements to call yourself by any of these terms. It’s really all about what you feel

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What is a green witch? Showing a woman walking away from the camera, wearing a long white dress. Going into a forest, depicting the green witch.

What is a Green Witch?

Introduction – What is a Green Witch? Witchcraft is translated as “The Craft of the Wise.” From ancient times, most witches aligned themselves with the forces, cycles, and seasons of nature. The knowledge of herbs and plant medicines they had was important to the folks in the villages they lived in. They were shamanic practitioners,

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