March depicted by a woman lying on the ground that's covered in shamrocks/clovers and wearing a flower crown.

Healing Through the Wheel of the Year – March’s Ancient Wisdom

March is the month when the natural world transitions from winter to spring.

As green witches, we can cultivate relationships with the unique energies of the month of March as we’re healing through the Wheel of the Year.

In this post, we’ll explore how we can do that.


The Month of March

Now’s the time when the days grow longer, the migratory birds return, the spring peepers can be heard (one of my favorite sounds of spring!) and the earliest spring flowers begin appearing.

Everything is waking up. The snow is melting away, the grass looks a little green, and the daylight hours are getting longer. There’s a sense of renewal all around us in the natural world.

At least this is what happens in March, where I live in the northeastern United States.

All of this awakening going on around us sparks something within us too.

We first feel it as a gentle pull. Then it becomes a little more insistent.

We feel that awakening spirit of spring down into our bones.

After a long winter, we turn to brighter colors and lighter fabrics for our wardrobes, open our windows, let in the fresh air, and give our homes a thorough spring cleaning as we feel this surge of renewal.

The shift within us is an urge to rejuvenate ourselves—body, mind, and spirit. Just like in the natural world, we’re releasing old energies, making way for new possibilities as we celebrate with rituals that help us align to the fresh energies of a new season.


Healing Through the Wheel of the Year

The Wheel of the Year is my sacred framework for living life. It brings together ancient wisdom and the healing energies of nature, so I can live my magick every day. With intention and joy.

But that’s not how walking through the Wheel of the Year with intention began for me. It began with sheer desperation as I navigated a dark night of the soul. But now, it’s a way of life, something I do every day to create a life filled with peace, flow, and joy.

Every month offers us something unique that we can work with, learn from, and use in our journeys of healing, transformation, and personal growth.

Using the Wheel of the Year as the framework for my healing journey was the inspiration for Ravynwylde – A Sacred Year Journey. Click for more information about that.


forsythia bloom in March


Why March Energy Matters

 The transition from spring to winter helps us understand the aspect of renewal.

Like Mother Earth reclaims the leaves that fall in autumn and turns them into new plants and soil, we can recycle what’s no longer needed in our lives to make way for new things to come in.

The awakening energy of spring can help us understand our own potential for growth and transformation.

Both are important on our healing journey.

Especially when we feel stuck.

The spring thaw shows us that nothing will remain the same forever. Everything changes. New life comes from what appears to be dead or dormant. In this way, we too can create something new from the darkness we’ve experienced.

Longer daylight hours are like moving into our own light. We can get away from the dark.



The Other Side of March

Now, to be fair, there’s also another side to March.

Spring weather can be dangerous, destructive, and changeable. We can experience what seems like all four seasons on the same day here, where I live. Maybe you can relate?

Tornadoes, snowstorms that can leave feet of snow on the ground, thunder storms, heavy rain, flooding, high winds, and fluctuating temperatures are all part of spring weather.

When we’re healing through the Wheel of the Year intentionally, this destructive side of things is another element that we can explore to deepen our understanding of this dynamic month.


Why it Matters


Understanding the relationship between renewal and destruction is a fundamental aspect of the cycle of death and rebirth.

This is wisdom we can draw on while navigating our own healing journeys. Exploring this theme is a pathway to understanding that what you’re experiencing as an ending might indeed be a beginning.

Journaling about this can be very helpful in uncovering the deeper meanings as they relate to what you’re healing.


The takeaway:  Beginnings and endings are very closely related.



Healing through the Wheel of the Year -Connecting with March Themes

So, what are this month’s themes, and how can we connect with them? Each month represents a new opportunity for reflection as we do our healing through the Wheel of the Year.

I’ve included here the themes for March and the themes for the Spring Equinox that happens every year around the 21st of March (in the northern hemisphere).



March themes:  renewal, rebirth, destruction


Themes of Spring Equinox:  balance, fertility, growth, renewal, spring cleaning, new life


Explore what each of these things means for you. Say each word out loud. How does it feel in your body?

Set a timer for five minutes and journal on one or more of these themes, allowing whatever comes up to flow onto the page. Don’t overthink it, and don’t lift your pen from the page. Just keep writing.

Review what came up for you for insight and guidance.


Robins appear in March in the northeastern US, this one is sitting on a post.
Robins return in March.


For ideas on celebrating the Spring Equinox, click to read this post. 

Green Witch’s Guide to the Magick of March




To help you connect, here are 2 journal prompts inspired by March’s themes and energies:


  • Is there something in your life that makes you feel like you’re stuck?  Is it a pattern or a behavior? Maybe it’s a choice that served you at one time, but no longer does (like a job or a partner)?  How would your life change if you were able to release this?


  • Take a bit of time to observe what is happening in the natural world around you. Maybe there are a few spring flowers just beginning to bloom, or the trees are budding. Maybe you’re seeing types of birds that you didn’t see all winter. Notice shapes, colors, textures, sounds, and any other details that catch your eye. Make notes if you need to.


Now, journal about how what you saw or experienced relates to your healing or spiritual journey.

  • Did you notice parallels between what’s happening this month in the natural world and your journey?
  • What themes or energies did you witness?
  • What messages did you receive?


Water drop splashing into a puddle to represent the element of water.


Other Ways to Connect to March Energies 


  • Create a piece of art that represents March or March themes. It can be anything you want it to be, from a drawing or painting to a poem that captures March’s energies for you.


  •  Reflect on water


With March comes the melting of snow, and frequent rainfall is pretty common. What role does water play for you? Do you naturally gravitate toward bodies of water like streams, rivers, lakes, or the ocean?  When you feel stressed, do you like to soak in a hot bath? Do you fear water? Are you afraid to go into the water? Notice the water that’s present in your environment. Do you live near a stream or a river? Is the ocean nearby? Do you get puddles in your yard when it rains?

Use one or more of these questions about water to see where it takes you and what comes up for you.


  • The balance of light and dark: Journal about what this means to you. Do you feel balanced? Do you have more light than dark, or more dark than light? Does it shift and change? How?



Summary of Healing through the Wheel of the Year, March’s Ancient Wisdom  

March for the green witch is a time of opportunity. Aligning with the energies of spring, we can use them to support our personal growth and transformation by drawing on the sacred cycles of Mother Earth to nurture our own renewal and support our healing journey.

The cycles around us, also exist within us. We can use nature’s ancient wisdom to help us grow.

The light and dark come into balance now too, gently guiding us to seek our own balance as we honor the cycles and cultivate a deeper connection to the natural world. Bringing ancient wisdom to our modern lives.

Here’s to the journey of healing through the Wheel of the Year and borrowing March’s ancient wisdom.


Blessed be.


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