Zodiac symbol for Sagittarius in black and white, depicted as rider on a horse to symbolize the Sagittarius Full Moon.

Unleashing Adventure and Embracing Balance: Navigating the Sagittarius Full Moon

Welcome to a magickal cosmic trip as we explore two of the transformational possibilities of the Sagittarius Full Moon.


The Full Moon symbolizes a time of culmination, a time of things ending. It’s also a time of illumination. When the moon shines brightest, it can reveal our hidden truths and stir our emotions.


 The full moon in Sagittarius is also called the Strawberry Moon, since this is the time of year that strawberries are ripening on the vine.


Adventure & Expansion with the Sagittarius Full Moon 

Sagittarius, known for its adventurous spirit and a love of truth, infuses this full moon with a sense of expansiveness and freedom. It’s time to remember that our lives aren’t meant to be stale. Adventure is highlighted as this Sagittarius full moon ignites our souls with its unique energies.


We’re invited to expand our horizons, break free of any limitations, and embrace new possibilities. The Sagittarius full moon will illuminate the pathway for us. We can begin exploring this energy by setting intentions that are aligned to what we genuinely want. How do we want to grow? What adventures do we want to experience?


If we get out of our comfort zones, we can invite in expansion and freedom under this full moon. We might try something new, take a trip to a place we’ve never been or start a conversation with a stranger who can share a unique perspective with us that expands our minds.


When is this full moon happening for you?  Check it here. 




With the sun in Gemini, these two opposite signs are a call to balance out carefree vs flippant. Sagittarius full moon carries a wave of energy that brings out our sense of adventure, but it can also trigger a restlessness or impulsiveness within us. Finding balance between these extremes can help us maintain stability in our lives.

Grounding is a way to help us create that balance. We can also use mindfulness practices – meditation or breathing to calm any restlessness. Yoga or gentle movement will help too.

Time spent in nature has a grounding effect like little else. Get out for a walk to let Mother Earth help you find a sense of stability and connection.

Here’s a blog post with simple ways to connect to nature.  




Every full moon can serve as a cosmic catalyst, inviting us to explore, learn and evolve. We each hold so much wisdom within ourselves. Trust your own inner knowing and embrace the lessons of the Sagittarius full moon to help you create transformation in your life.


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Blessed Be.