woman in ocean with a moon and stars overhead

Full Moon in Pisces

Full Moon in Pisces

How to use this full moon in your life. 

Every full moon is a chance to go within, do some healing, and practice forgiveness.  This full moon in Pisces fully supports doing forgiveness work, thanks to the Grand Trine.  This alignment between Mars, Pluto, and the North Node makes this an excellent time to forgive someone or to let go of things that no longer serve your highest good.

Let go with the full moon

If you’ve been carrying guilt or shame around with you, then now is the time to let it go.  Set it aside.  Put it down.

If you’re hanging onto resentment or anger, let that go.

Jealousy, toxic thoughts, or bad habits?   Let those go too.

It’s a great opportunity to let it all go.  By doing so, you make space for new beginnings.

New beginnings require something to end in order to set the possibilities of something new in motion.  Everything begins with something ending.  The full moon will lend you the support of its energies to help you create these new beginnings by letting go of everything that no longer serves you.

Forgiveness makes manifesting work

Because we’re humans, we can hang onto things like anger and resentment for much too long.

Every full moon is an opportunity to release any negativity that you’re carrying with you.  In turn, this forgiveness work will burn away the karma that might be keeping you from manifesting all the things you really want in your life.

Manifesting and releasing work together, so if your manifesting hasn’t been as successful as you’d like it to be, use this Pisces full moon to forgive and release.

This will set you up for success when the new moon comes along again.

What will you release with this full moon in Pisces?

woman in ocean with a moon and stars overhead

Working with the moon is about you

Working with the moon is about living your best life – bringing into your life things like money and abundance, true love, better relationships with partners or friends, and positively changing your life circumstances.

It’s also the easiest way to align with the rhythms of nature.  Many witches or those interested in the path will be automatically drawn to the moon.  Is that you?  Have you always been enchanted by the moon?

Working with the moon is also about improving your relationship with yourself – developing more meaning, more direction, more purpose, knowing your passions and the path you want to take forward.

Releasing now at the full moon anything that doesn’t support your goals helps you draw in all of these things.

Aligning your passions, goals, and priorities with your manifesting and release work acts as a support system for all that you want to do.

This is one of the best things about working with the moon.

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Summary of the Full Moon in Pisces

Take full advantage of this full moon in Pisces. Release anything that isn’t serving you.  Forgive anyone that you need to.

Maybe it’s even you that you need to forgive.

If you do find that’s true, give yourself some grace (Pisces is the sign of compassion after all).

Make this the month that you say enough is enough, and make the commitment to move on freely into your future without all that stuff you don’t need.

Happy Full Moon in Pisces!

Blessed be.


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