woman looking through her hands, draped in fairy lights. Look for the magic of Mercury Retrograde.

Thriving in Mercury Retrograde – 4 Things to Pack for the Journey

Mercury Retrograde. Does Mercury going retrograde strike fear into your heart?  Do you sigh deeply with resignation that the next few weeks will be fraught with Mercury mischief?

If so, you’re not alone.  Lots of folks associate this time with things getting a bit wonky.  Computer crashes, misplaced items, and errors that don’t make any sense.

Mercury retrograde seems to invoke Murphy’s Law, which states that if something can go wrong, it will go wrong

No wonder so many of us see Mercury retrograde as just a time of glitchy shenanigans. Something we just have to get through.

There is more to it than that though.  Mercury also has a few gifts for you.

Wonky stuff aside, this is a time that can be embraced and used positively in your life.

Here we’ll look at 4 things you can pack for the journey through Mercury Rx so you can thrive and fully embrace the gifts of this time.

First, pack your ability to stay open to the message and magic

This is a time that calls for reflection and in this reflection is where new ideas are often conceived.

Creative spark is one of the best gifts available to everyone at this time.  Creativity can create true magic in your life, so stay open to what comes your way.

To take that a step further, set your intention to receive those new ideas and schedule in some time to allow them to flow to you.

You might try meditation or even strolling through an art gallery to help find that time to reflect and draw in imagination’s spark.

Mercury is the messenger after all, and it has a message for you.

Use your ability to listen in, through deep reflection to find your gift in the magic of the message.



Pack the gift of communication

Mercury is the planet of communications.

Communication is the foundation of everything we do in our day to day lives.

Even if we’re staying home a lot, we still have to communicate with others every day.

This is sometimes online and sometimes in person.

How well you get on with people depends on how well you communicate with them.

During Mercury Retrograde,  it’s even more important to communicate well.

Here’s a few communication rules that will help you thrive through Mercury Retrograde and beyond.


Know the Why?

Know the why.

Why are we having this conversation?

If the other person isn’t being clear, then gently redirect the flow until you can determine why.

This should help to avoid getting down a rabbit hole.

This works especially well with work communications but it’s also useful when we’re getting to know someone.


Face to Face

Have you ever had a text message be misinterpreted?

Sent out something that just didn’t come across right?

Has it caused a falling out?

Did someone read your tone wrong?

This happens all the time on social media.

If something is emotional in nature, then it’s better to handle it in person.

The next best option is a video call if in-person is out of the question.

Delivering good news?  Great!

Doing it in person means that your energy will be obvious and contagious.

Delivering bad news?

Well, then that definitely calls for a face to face situation so as not to make things worse.



Before I left working a corporate job, it had become almost bad manners to call someone on the phone if you could email them.

Now, I’m not saying that it doesn’t make sense to take care of things by email if you can.  It does.

The best times for email can be when folks are being given facts and figures that are going to need to be reviewed.

That way there’s something to look back at instead of relying on memory.

Just like text messages, emails can be misinterpreted, so it’s best to not handle anything too emotional with an email.



Do more listening than talking.

When you’re having a conversation in person, use this rule to allow others to share ideas and feelings.

Don’t dominate the conversation and don’t answer for other people.

Let people express themselves.



We are all living in overload mode and with Mercury in retrograde, that feeling is amplified.

So, simplify your message.  If you’ve been tempted to use 5 sentences, can you just use one to convey your meaning?

Being the best communicator you can be will help you in so many ways, both inside and outside of Mercury Rx.

Being a better communicator is a gift that truly keeps on giving.

Woman in tree pose on the shoreline. Keeping it high vibe.

Next to pack – Remain positive and high vibration

Take this opportunity to keep a positive outlook and do things to raise your vibration.

Mercury Retrograde does call for a bit of extra self-care.  Doing what you need to do to take good care of yourself is especially important now.

Schedule in some extra self-care.

Whatever that means to you – salt baths, meditation, time to read a book, exploring something new that you’ve been wanting to learn.

Journaling, exercise, grounding, getting outdoors to do some earthing.

It all counts.

Choose what appeals to you most and plan for it.

Put it on the calendar and make it non-negotiable.

Last, but not least, bring a sense of humor to Mercury Retrograde

When those wonky things happen (and we all know they surely will), be sure to have your sense of humor ready to go.

Not everything is a disaster.

Some things can be easily managed or undone.

Don’t panic or immediately get angry when things go wrong.  That doesn’t help you or anyone else.

Be sure to do things like back up your files and be aware that taking a little extra care might be a good idea right now.

Dot your I’s and cross your t’s.

Then, practice humor.

During Mercury Retrograde, add in laughter, here’s how:

Years ago, I attended a seminar called Laughter as the Best Medicine.  

I don’t remember who the presenter was anymore,  but I loved the positive, uplifting message that accompanied this workshop.

It was simple and to the point:

Laugh.  Laugh every day.

Here’s what she did with us:

The facilitator had us laugh for 30 seconds.

It felt contrived and awkward.

But you know, after a bit, you were really laughing.  Authentically. 100% laughing out loud.

So give it a try and just laugh for 30 seconds.

See where it takes you.

Summary – Mercury Retrograde

Surviving and thriving through Mercury retrograde is possible.

Embrace the gifts of it and pack some things for the journey through it:

  • Use this time to reflect and stay open to receiving the magic and the message of this time
  • Make sure your communication with others is on point
  • Remain positive and practice self-care to raise your vibration
  • Bring a sense of humor – Laugh for 30 seconds

Use this time of Mercury Retrograde to your advantage and most of all, enjoy the journey!

If things do get a little wonky for you, remember that this too shall pass and then laugh for 30 seconds.

See you next time.

In love and laughter,

Blessed be.


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