New moon in Libra photo of Scales, sign of Libra. Libra new moon.

New Moon in Libra – October 2021

Even though this post is from 2021, the ways to use the energies of this new moon are the same. New Moon Blessings to you! 

New Moon in Libra
October 2021

New moon in Libra represents the best chance for the year to work on those relationships that truly matter to you.  

Each month’s new moon has gifts to share and this month, it’s all about relationships.  

Time to check in:

New moon in Libra is a good time to check in: 

  • Are you being the best you that you can be in your relationships? 
  • Are you balanced in what you’re giving and what you’re receiving?  
  • If there are imbalances, what can you do to address  them right now?

Remember, this is the new moon to set intentions around what you can do right now to improve your relationships.

Even if your relationships are good, take a look at what might make them even better?

Like planning a date night with your partner or expressing your emotions more clearly.

The new moon in Libra has your back. 


New Moon in Libra showing the constellation of Libra in the night sky.

Check in with yourself under the new moon in Libra

Improving your relationships is one of the best benefits of working with the moon.   

It does this by increasing your understanding of yourself as well as those you closest to you. 

As you get to know yourself better, you learn how to meet your own needs and how to balance your needs with the needs of others. 

You become a better parent, a better friend and a better partner.  

Beyond that though, is that you can improve the relationship you have with yourself.  

Check in right now.  How’s your relationship with yourself? 

  • Are you thriving? 
  • Are you struggling?
  • Do you need to make some changes? 
  • Do you feel like you’re stuck?  

Probably the thing that feels the worst is to find that you’re doing things because they’re expected of you and not because they light you up.

I fell into that trap for years of my life and it led me down a spiral that nearly ended with suicide.  ***If you’re feeling this way and somehow found your way here, help is available.  Scroll down for resources. 

I hated my life from living so out of alignment with what was in my own heart.  Living the “shoulds” (those things you’re told you should do) and not according to my own heart. It was misery. 

No one ought to live that way. 


If you find that this is you too, just know that you can live in peace, flow and joy every day.  You can love your life. 

You can wake up excited every day.  

 If you’re experiencing any of that frustration, here’s what to do next:

  • take stock of what’s actually working for you and what isn’t
  • then, set some new goals around what you want to have in your life (and what you don’t want)  
  • plan for how to make that happen
  • decide now to take some new action – even a small step is still going forward

You’ve heard the saying about repeating the same thing and expecting a different result. 

Take it to heart. 

Be intentional about what comes next.  It might take some work, but it’s worth it.  You’re worth it.  

You deserve to thrive and be wildly joyous doing it.  


Tip:  Now’s a great time for some Shadow Work. Explore the Shadow Work class offered here. 

New Moon in Libra Summary

The astrological sign of Libra is symbolized by a set of scales, which is a great reminder of balance.

It’s ruled by Venus which is all about love and romance.

You can tap into that powerful love and balance energy at this time to bring all your relationships into a more loving and satisfying balance. 

Don’t forget the one you have with yourself.  



Blessed Be. 



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