Full moon in Aries over a lake with a lovely pink sunset.

Full Moon in Aries – October 2021

Full Moon in Aries

Full moon in Aries.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and because it is a fire sign, those born under Aries usually don’t lack determination.

During the full moon in Aries, you can use that determination too.  Be determined to create balance where there isn’t any, and be determined to get rid of anything not serving you.

In this post, we’ll look at working with this full moon in Aries.

Use this full moon in Aries to check in with yourself

Aries is a fire sign. With the fire of Aries in mind, this is a good time to review your own situation.

  • Have you been too rash?
  • Have too much fire in what you’ve been expressing?
  • Is there a need for a bit more balance there?

If you find that you’ve been a little too impulsive instead of being determined, now’s a good time to create more balance between the fiery energy and the cooler, more determined energy.

Every full moon offers you gifts

Every full moon offers you gifts.  It’s a great opportunity to look within.  To do some healing.  To release what is no longer serving you.

In fact, if you’re only manifesting with the new moon, but leaving out working with the full moon, then, you’re leaving so much on the table.

Skipping this part of the moon cycle means that you’re missing monthly opportunities to purge yourself of anything you’ve been carrying that you could put down.

Shame, fear, guilt, regret, jealousy, bad habits, toxic relationships, and limiting thoughts.  Whatever it is.

A full moon is a chance to leave it all behind.

Getting rid of all that means that you can move forward with a bit more certainty.

More focus.

More clarity around what you want to bring into your life at the next new moon.

You’re almost making way for it.  Make space to draw in something better for yourself.

Remember, that forgiveness done now helps you move forward too.

Forgiveness is like stripping away karma that might be keeping you from manifesting what you want most.

This forgiveness might include forgiving others, or it might be about forgiving yourself.

Embrace this part of working with the full moon to support your manifesting, personal growth, and transformation.


A simple ritual for this full moon in Aries

I like to do my Full Moon Ritual just before the moon is full, while it is still in the waxing phase.

Of course, you can also do it afterward if you have time constraints.

Traditionally, the energy of the full moon is available for three days.

The day before the moon is full, the day of the full moon, and the day after the full moon.

Different traditions will have different opinions about this, of course, but as always, I encourage you to do what works for you.  Leave the rest.

Here’s a simple full moon ritual that you can do each full moon:

Take a few minutes to just sit with yourself. Breathe deeply.  Release any tension or anxiety that you’re currently carrying with you.

Once you feel calm, turn your attention to what you want to release now.

This might be a bad habit, an unhelpful thought or mindset, emotional baggage, a pattern of behavior that isn’t serving you, or it might even be actual stuff.

Write these things down.  Writing gives it power.

Once you’ve completed your list of things to release, begin listing out anyone that you need to forgive.  Are you holding onto old hurts?

Is it something from your childhood? Someone said something about you that you haven’t let go of?  A gossip?  A parent, friend, teacher, sibling, or co-worker?  Do you need to forgive yourself?

Tip:  you might want to put yourself on your forgiveness list more than once if you find regrets about something popping up.

Write these down.  List out the person’s name and as many details of what you need to forgive as you want to.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this.  Do what feels right for you.

Once you’ve made your list, begin to bring those folks on your list into your mind.

Visualize them surrounded by the colors of the heart chakra (pink or green). Visualize healed feelings between the two of you.  Imagine everyone smiling and happy and getting along.

Feel this as real in your heart.  Say to them, either in your mind or out loud, that you forgive them, and allow them to drift away from you as you feel this forgiveness.

Summary of Full Moon in Aries

So there you have it.  Simple ways that you can harness this full moon’s energy in your life.

We’ve looked at:

  • a simple way to work with the Aries energy in your life during the full moon in Aries
  • plus how you can use each and every full moon to support your growth and transformation


  • a simple full moon ritual that you can use as-is or modify it to make it uniquely your own

Wishing you the brightest blessings for this full moon in Aries.

See you next time!

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