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Summer Solstice: 6 Easy Ways to Honor the Longest Day of the Year

The Wheel of the Year has turned around to the summer solstice.

As green witches, we’re celebrating the power of light, solar energy, and the sun at full strength. The seeds of spring are planted and now that we’re in this summer season of growth, solstice is a time for celebrating all of life.

The traditional date for summer solstice is June 21 but it has roots in celebrations lasting 4 days on either side of this date.

The Solstice is also known as Litha (say Leetha) or Lith (with a short i) depending on which pronunciation you choose. Use whichever resonates with you and make your practice uniquely your own.

There are many ways to observe this day but here are a few simple ways to celebrate the sun now. Let them spark your imagination.

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Easy Summer Solstice Ideas:

● Collect fresh flowers that you can use either on your solstice altar or your kitchen table or even make a flower crown from them to wear on this day – choose wildflowers or if you have a cutting garden, you can collect them there. I also like flowering herbs for this. Always ask permission from the plant before you cut it and give thanks to them when they grant you permission.

● Gathering herbs that you can then dry for either magical or practical uses. Like little kitchen witchery. This is a great time to begin building your home apothecary for the year if you haven’t already done so.

● If you’ve already collected and dried lavender flowers, then you can create a sleep pillow from it. Just stitch together pieces of fabric placing the lavender inside all while holding the intention that your pillow will aid your sleep.


Summer solstice associations for colors, crystals, herbs, deities and themes.
Summer Solstice Celebrations – Colors, Crystals, Herbs, Deities and Themes.


● You can craft an amulet. This can be something you already have that you now consecrate or infuse with the power of light for your highest and greatest good or it can be something you craft from found items such as stones, twigs or shells. Use your imagination. I have a simple metal bracelet that I use for this and each year, I rededicate it at solstice.

● Light a Balefire (bonfire)- now is a great time for a sacred fire to celebrate the long days of light. If you have a wreath left over from Yule, you can burn this in your solstice balefire. (As always, safety first with fire.)

● Make a solar cross. I craft mine from things found in nature. Twigs, sticks and long grasses are common items I use. To do this, just make a cross with arms of equal lengths and tie it together in the center with twine or even with long blades of grass. Use something biodegradable for this so that you can return it to the earth. Add found items to the solar cross that represent the elements – earth, air, fire and water. This can be rocks for earth, feathers for air, ashes from your balefire tied into a little pouch made from a large leaf to represent fire and shells to represent water.


Summer Solstice Wander & Wonder

To gather your found items, go on what I call a wander & wonder walk. Before you go, set the intention to find these gifts on your walk. (Be sure that you have permission to gather these items if you’re in an area that you don’t own.)

Folklore says it’s a great time to cut magickal wands too, so if you enjoy practicing magick, this is a good time to find a new wand while you’re out wandering and wondering.

Just as you did with the flowers, be sure to ask permission to cut the branch if you’re taking it from a living tree. I like to find fallen branches rather than cutting live branches for this.

“Summertime is always the best of what might be” – Charles Bowden

If you do practice magick, summer solstice is a time for doing magic for positive things like vitality, health, prosperity and abundance.

We’re in the Celtic Oak Moon month which is June 10 – July 7. The sacred oak is a symbol of the solstice, and these trees have magical properties all their own. To bring them into your solstice celebrations, you might meditate with your back pressed up against an oak tree. The oak tree will act as a conduit to transfer courage and strength to you.

Whatever celebrations and traditions you choose for this solstice season of light, may it bring you many blessings and gifts.

Don’t forget your handy free Summer Solstice Guide, click here.

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Blessed be.


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Free Summer Solstice Guide 

Summer Solstice Class – bite-sized and fun

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