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Image is a dryad image embedded in a tree and surrounded by forest.

Are you interested in joining Ravynwylde - A Sacred Year for Green Witches?

This 12 month journey through the Wheel of the Year is one of empowering self-discovery, creating joy, reconnection to Mother Earth and your own soul.

Ravynwylde is open once every quarter.

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"Ravynwood is a place to learn and grow in a safe and loving container. It's worth every penny and then some."
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"It has been the start of a wonderful journey and I am so happy you were put on my path to be a friend, a guide and a teacher."
Testimonials, student testimonials, leaves inside a green background
Linda Jo

This sacred year journey for green witches is for you if..

You're a green witch
(or you want to be).....

This sacred year journey through the Wheel of the Year is designed just for the green witch or for those who want to be. Connect more deeply to yourself, your intuition, Mother Earth and the natural rhythms of nature as you walk the path. 

It brings together the magical and practical, ritual and inspiration and a pathway to create a life you love filled with magic, joy, peace and flow.  

If you’ve been feeling that there has to be something more, this journey will help you discover your own truth. 

You'll learn...

Ravynwylde is a year long journey for the green witch to reconnect with nature and in this photo is a stag in the forest.
Woman with a moon phase tattoo down the center of her back, sitting in the tide on a beach.

I've been where you are
But not anymore.....

Come, let's walk through this sacred year journey together....

This unique program is designed for the solitary green witch but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.  You’ll be supported in your journey, while remaining free to practice in your own way.  

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