Using Reiki to create balance for body, mind and spirit is depicted through a pile of rocks balanced on top of each other with a sunset behind it.

Using Reiki to Create Balance in Body, Mind & Spirit

Wellness and witchery seem to go together in a very organic way. Using Reiki to create balance is something many of us are naturally drawn to. Energy work is  both simple and effective.

Not to mention that it’s portable, flexible, and useful for supporting personal growth, our spiritual journey, and healing work too.

For me, Reiki has been part of my life since 1996 when I took a level 1 class. In the years since then, I’ve used it for myself, my animals, in healing rituals for Mother Earth and more.

I have come to see Reiki as a skill everyone needs to have, although not everyone will.

How learning Reiki changed things for me

The beginner level of Reiki focuses on you. It’s to help you heal yourself, create balance in your life, and find your path forward.

(This might be my favorite reason for using Reiki to create balance in your life.)

My own path began to expand in ways I hadn’t anticipated, and things I needed were drawn into my life as if by magic.  Now I know that it wasn’t magic, and it wasn’t an accident that those things appeared.  They were manifested as I began to be a co-creator in my life.

By becoming attuned to Reiki, I  became part of it.  The energy helped  me by building my intuition, supporting my ability to remain calm, allowing me to be present in the moment, to be grateful, to be kind, and to vibrate higher. I naturally began to move away from things not meant for me, and I drew new opportunities to me.

As I’ve continued to grow and change, it has supported each part of becoming the best me I can be.  Once learned, Reiki is always with you, so it will  be there to help me whenever it’s needed.


You might be wondering how it can help you – Using Reiki to Create Balance

Using Reiki to create balance in your life is something you can do without investing much time or money.

Most classes are a day, or maybe a day and a half. Online options also exist for getting training.

Reiki creates, allows, and restores balance in the body, mind, and spirit, which then creates the balance we all want in our lives. Our modern lives are hectic, often stressful, and life never seems to slow down.  Instead of reeling along willy-nilly through the highs and lows life throws at us, we now have a way to help manage those things that threaten to throw us off balance.   With recent events, we’re all navigating through rapid, unsettling challenges, leaving us feeling like we don’t know what to do next.

Reiki empowers you to help yourself. This alone can be reason enough to seek out Reiki training or to begin using Reiki sessions in your life.

I hope you’re inspired by this personal glimpse at how Reiki can be used to help create balance in body, mind, and spirit. It’s made a powerful impact in my life and has been so important in my healing and spiritual journeys.

My own experience with Reiki has been nothing short of life-changing. It has become one of the 6 most important tools I use every day.


Those tools have become the Ravynwood Foundations. They are journaling, self-care, meditation, gratitude, healing creativity, and Reiki energy. For me, each of these tools has a place in creating a life filled with peace, flow and joy.

Using Reiki to create balance is something everyone can do.

Have questions about Reiki? Send me a message here. 

Blessed Be.




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