What are the Reiki attunements? Lotus flower, purple with yellow center.

What are the Reiki Attunements?


Aside from the traceable lineage of Reiki, the attunements are what set Reiki apart from other energy modalities.  Sometimes these  attunements are referred to as energy activations or initiations. What are the Reiki attunements?

If you’re new to Reiki, you might be wondering just what the attunements are, what they do, and why they’re needed.

In this post, we’ll look at the Level 1 Reiki attunements to answer those questions.

“Level 1 attunements will essentially “rewire” you to become a conduit for the Universal Life Force energy.”

What are they and why do you need them?

You must be attuned to the energy in order to use Reiki.  You can’t learn it from reading a book.  You can’t channel the Reiki energy in any meaningful or intentional way until you are attuned.  The way to become attuned, is to study with a Reiki Master/Teacher.     During the class, you will receive your attunements from the Master.

(Here are some tips for choosing a Reiki Master/Teacher)

Today, there are many options for learning Reiki.  You can choose online or in-person instruction, and classes are usually affordable for everyone.

During the attunement process, the Reiki Master uses the symbols to activate the energy pathways of the student. Level 1 attunements will essentially “rewire” you to become a conduit for the Universal Life Force energy by focusing on opening the physical body to become a channel for the energy.

What do attunements do?

Once  you are attuned, the energy will now flow through your hands, even if you aren’t conscious of it.  Your touch turns on this flow of energy.

Collectively, the Level 1 attunements activate the energy centers in the body. This opens the crown chakra and moves down the spine, aligning and balancing the chakras so that more light energy is directed toward the solar plexus chakra and center of the palms on both hands.

This allows for increases in the flow and velocity of light and energy, while locking and sealing the flow.  The chakras are aligned to receive the Reiki energy. Regular daily Reiki practice will increase this ability.

In addition to this,   attunements raise your vibration. You may experience a large jump or a small one.   Everyone is affected uniquely depending upon your vibratory level when the attunements are received.

Once you are attuned to Reiki, you won’t need to receive the attunements again. They last forever. You cannot lose them.

This is true even if you do not use Reiki for a period of time. It will still be there, when you are ready to return to it.

What are the Reiki attunements? Image of hands and enery depicted coming from them.

What happens after you are attuned?

After receiving the attunements the student will go through a 21 day detox or cleanse period. Symptoms may include a runny  nose, headaches or diarrhea.  These symptoms are usually mild and don’t last long.  They are created as the toxins flush through your body.  A little extra rest, lots of water, self-treatment and reflection are good things to practice during this period.

The Wrap-up of What are the Reiki Attunements?

Reiki knowledge and the Reiki attunements have been passed down through the years from Reiki Master to student in an unbroken lineage all tracing to Dr. Usui himself.

This unbroken lineage and the attunements passing from Master to student are what sets Reiki apart from other energy work. I love this form of energy work and highly recommend it to anyone that feels called to it. The level 1 training is simple and the skill is a forever thing. You can’t lose it, even if you don’t use it. It will always be there for when you’re ready to return to it.

I’ve been a Reiki practitioner for decades at the time of this writing and I can tell you that it has been useful in so many ways over the years. From helping myself on my own healing and personal growth journeys to supporting my pets during times of stress or illness. In fact, Reiki is one of the 6 Ravynwood Foundations. These are tools that I find indispensable. They are:  journaling, meditation, self-care, gratitude, healing creativity and Reiki.



Blessed be.


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