purple coneflower set amid green leafy backdrop to symbolize month of August.

Embracing the Magick and Beauty of August: A Green Witch’s Perspective

The Wheel of the Year has turned around to August, a month that offers a lot of enchantment, vibrancy, magick and beauty. For those of us who embrace the path of the green witch, August offers us our yearly chance to align with the rhythms of nature as we shift from summer’s peak to fall’s emergence.

Our ancestors depended on the ancient wisdom of nature for survival and celebrated the gifts of the harvest and the cycle of life as the month of August began. Because of this tradition, August holds a special place in the hearts of green witches today too. For me, it’s a little extra special, since this is my birth month!

The first harvest festival of the year, Lammas (also called Lugnasadh), is August 1 and coincides with the wheat harvest. Get your free Lammas Guide here.

In this blog post, we’ll dip into what makes August unique and special for us green witches, and I’ll share some nature images from the heart of Ravynwood, my rural home.

The Harvest of August 

August offers up the bounty of the growing season. Fruits, vegetables, herbs and of course, bushels of ripe home-grown tomatoes, which have been my favorite part of late summer since I was a child. If I have garden-fresh tomatoes, home-made bread and real mayonnaise, I’m all set for dinner. No cooking required.

Gardens are overflowing with all sorts of good things at this time, and it seems that zucchini will magically appear on doorsteps throughout my neighborhood as our generous neighbors share their harvest goodness.

This abundance of fresh produce is an invitation for us to get up to a little kitchen witchery. Our gardens call us to do some experimenting with new recipes, making old favorites and stocking our pantries for the coming dark months ahead.

If you don’t have a garden of your own, see if you can find someone who will give you permission to go walk amongst the plants in their garden. Gardens in August are a feast for the senses. The scents of the earth and green plants, herbs and flowers, can’t be found anywhere except in August.

Try this:  Go out into the garden and just be. Tune in to your senses and just notice what you notice. What do you smell? What can you see? What do you feel as you are surrounded by the garden? Notice shapes and colors. Allow this time to make you feel at home in this natural space. (You might want to take your journal with you to make note of your observations.)

Immature stalk of wheat with green and gold showing before harvest time of Lammas.
Lammas traditionally falls at wheat harvest time.


Celebrating the Sun in August

The sun is still full powered in this month, although the days are shortening now at a noticeable pace. By the end of August, we will see sunsets before 8 pm and sunrises after 6 am. These shrinking daylight hours remind us to bask in the sun’s light now, while we can. Allowing it to energize us and infuse us with vitality.

The sun is the giver of all life, and we can honor that with rituals or solar magick at this time.

Try this:  Craft your own ritual to honor the sun or simply light a candle and say a prayer of gratitude to the sun.


August Full Moon

The full moon of August is known as the Sturgeon Moon. Other names its known by are the Corn Moon, Lynx Moon, and Dispute Moon. This month’s full moon is a time to celebrate our connection with nature and the spirits of the land.

If you’d like to know a little more about moon names, click here. 

Get your Free Full Moon Workbook. 


Herbal Practice

This month offers us an abundance of herbs that we can gather for spells, making herbal potions or charms and drying for winter use. If you didn’t grow herbs this year, you can check your local farmer’s market for common varieties you’ll need to whip up some potions, lotions, teas or tinctures.  (It’s not too early to begin planning your herb garden for next year.)

If you’re just getting started working with herbs, this post will help guide you: Start Your Own Home Apothecary:  Tools & Methods

The Changes in the Natural World During August 

As early as late July, we can begin to hear the whispers of fall. Even with warm temperatures, and long daylight hours, the subtle changes are there.

August will usher in the last days of the full, lush greens of summer before they begin to grow a little tired looking as fall takes over. The fireflies no longer light up the night sky, leaving that job to the stars. The days shorten and the nights are a bit longer now. The birds gather into groups again and their songs are not the same as they were in spring. Katy-dids sing their harmony every night as the sun sinks into the horizon. The scent of the air changes. Things feel a little different now.  

Try this:  Throughout this month, take a few moments to get outdoors each week and just observe the world around you. Use all 5 of your senses. Write down the changes you notice each week. Review what you noticed the week before. This will help you become more aware of the subtle shifts happening in the natural world as we move from summer to fall.


Images from Ravynwood

These images were all captured recently near my home, which I lovingly call Ravynwood. The temperatures say summer, but there are small signs of fall’s coming making an appearance as we move into the transition between the seasons. Do you notice signs where you are?


August is a month of magick, beauty and abundance. It offers us opportunities to celebrate the natural world through lunar and solar magick, herbal potions, kitchen witchery, and connecting to the shifting season.

Embrace the unique essence of this month and let it inspire you to immerse yourself in the enchanting energy and magick of this time of the year.

Blessed Be.


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