Monarch Butterfly sitting on a purple flower to symbolize the butterfly power animal.

Wisdom of Change: Embracing Personal Transformation with Butterfly Power Animal

There are many different power animals you can work with. Some will share wisdom with you to help you navigate the world around you, while others will lend you strength to take on whatever comes your way.

Butterfly power animal is one of my personal favorites and one that you might run across on your spiritual journey, since these beautiful beings symbolize transformation in your life. All power animals can share profound wisdom with you about embracing change as you navigate the ever-changing landscape that each day brings. Butterfly is all about change, transformation and metamorphosis.

It’s also an ally that can also help you reach your goals, prepare for changes, and find some magick in the world.

This post will introduce you to Butterfly Power Animal and why you might want to work with its messages and wisdom.


What Does the Butterfly Symbolize?

Many world cultures consider the butterfly to be a symbol of the soul.

In Asia, it represents immortality or the souls of our ancestors. It’s also a symbol of the psyche and being in touch with emotions. In the spiritual realm, the butterfly symbolizes resurrection and the role of meditation to reach enlightenment.

Transformation and metamorphosis are two of the butterfly’s most well-known meanings.

The butterfly doesn’t come into the world already beautiful. It doesn’t have wings either. Before it gains the beauty and the wings, it goes through various stages that aren’t so pretty and then, finally, it emerges the beautiful version of itself that we all know as the butterfly.  It undergoes a complete transformation.

This process of destruction of what is (the caterpillar) and replacing it with something new (the butterfly) is what makes the butterfly a powerful ally in helping you through change and transformation.

Want to know more about the process of metamorphosis? You can check out this article from the Museum of Natural History.


Considering this process that it goes through, it reflects that in your life, you’ll also move through various stages, some of them messy, but it’s going to all be worthwhile in the end. You may struggle, experience challenges, and need to take some scary leaps of faith to help you grow. But the result will be a better life for yourself. So, it’s worth it.

You’re worth it.


yellow and black butterfly on purple coneflowers
Butterflies are frequent visitors to Ravynwood.


Butterfly Messages

While embracing change is one of the main messages of the butterfly, it also has other guidance and wisdom to share with you. Here’s more:

  1. Life is short, and the butterfly reminds you to take time out. Butterfly reminds you that you need to pause and just take a breath. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the things going on around you. Taking a little time out to relax and just be, can help you enjoy life a little bit more.
  2. When there’s tension or something that feels heavy in your life, the butterfly is here to help. It gives you the chance to see things in a new way. An opportunity for a different perspective. Sometimes this shift is all you need to ease or eliminate the tension around you.
  3. In relationships, the butterfly helps you learn more about what you need and guides you in how to express your needs to other people.


Butterfly Power Animal, Growth & Your Spiritual Journey

Butterfly can help you through a spiritual awakening or guide you on your spiritual journey. It’s there to let you know that it’s fine to leave the past behind and that now is the time for you to let go of anything that no longer serves you.

Reflect on how the caterpillar changes into a butterfly. The process is not pretty, and sometimes it’s very messy. But the result is a beautiful butterfly!

Like I mentioned earlier, transformation in your life happens in much the same way. It may be hard to go through, and things may get messy sometimes. But it’s often necessary to go through when you want change in your life.

When you emerge on the other side of the messy middle, you’ll enjoy the difference transformation makes in your life, especially when you need to heal from past wounds and limiting beliefs.

Butterfly is a powerful guide for this journey.


Dreaming of Butterfly

If you’re dreaming of butterflies, this may represent your strong inner desire to bring about changes in your life. It could also be a sign that you’re missing a particular time in the past, possibly from your childhood years.

These dreams may symbolize a change or transformation you’re experiencing right now. You might be in a period of uncertainty or be expecting some significant changes to happen soon.

If you have a dream about two butterflies, this indicates a union with another person, suggesting marriage or romance or even a new friendship. It can also mean that a significant commitment is about to happen, like an engagement.

Consider what is going on for you to help you sort out the meaning of butterfly in your dreams.


yellow butterfly perched on yellow flowers
Butterfly is a powerful ally.


When to Call on the Butterfly?

Any time you go through a transition and need help to navigate the change, it’s an ideal time to call on Butterfly. It could be a change in your relationships, your family, or even your career or job. The butterfly is helpful at all these times.

The butterfly power animal is simple, elegant, and beautiful.

While it’s small in size, it can make a powerful impact in your life. Look to Butterfly when you need support.

I’ve relied on Butterfly during job changes, dealing with grief and navigating the “messy middle” when you’re in a time of transition and you’re not where you were, but you’re also not yet where you want to be. That is a tough time for most of us.


Call on Butterfly When:


  • You need to connect more deeply with your own soul.
  • You’re experiencing struggles.
  • You’re on a spiritual journey.
  • You’re going through some type of transition and need support.
  • You’re ready to leave the past behind and move on.


Summary of Butterfly Power Animal 


Because the butterfly is a symbol of complete transformation, working with the butterfly power animal can help you embrace the wisdom of change in your life. No matter what that change is.

No matter where you are in your journey, the butterfly power animal will help you overcome challenges and help you be your best self through lessons and wisdom about transformation that it shares with you.


Ready to work with butterfly power animal to embrace the wisdom of change in your life?

Here’s a handy guide to help you know when to call on Butterfly along with journal prompts, a place to record your reflections and create affirmations inspired by the butterfly. Click here to get yours.


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