Free Butterfly Power Animal Journal

Are you ready to explore the wisdom of Butterfly Power Animal?

Butterfly Power Animal Freebie cover showing images of butterflies

This journal is going to help you tap into the wisdom, guidance and knowledge of Butterfly.

Don't allow this one to COLLECT DUST. Grab it today, and get started

This butterfly power animal journal is the perfect tool for anyone looking to tap into the wisdom and power of this guide.

7 total pages, with a journal prompts, affirmation and reflection pages for you to fill out and helpful tips on when to call on Butterfly. 

Perfect for those seeking inspiration and positivity in their daily lives.

Embrace the transformative power of the butterfly and let this journal inspire you to spread your wings and soar to new heights.

here's what you'll learn

When to call on the Butterfly Power Animal 

Journal prompts will guide you to tap into your inner knowing about what Butterfly wants to tell you. 

Reflect on what Butterfly means to you, record any messages you receive as you work with this power animal and create your own affirmations to use every day. 

Grab your Power Animal Journal Here!

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