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Lammas Guide

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What is Lammas?
This is your simple guide to Lammas.

(Don't let this one collect dust - Pop it in your book of shadows!)

This simple one page printable PDF explains the significant points of Lammas including themes, colors and deities to help you plan your Lammas celebrations and rituals.

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here's how to use your Lammas PDF

Information to help you prepare for your Lammas celebrations and rituals. All in a handy one page guide.


Place it in your Book of Shadows or your Book of Seasons for handy reference every year as you plan and prepare. 

Use it as wall art during the Lammas season as a reminder of the meaning of this season. 

Get your Lammas PDF today!

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Merry Meet! I’m Karen.
Wise Woman, Crone & Creatrix here at Ravynwood. I help women reconnect to Mother Earth, her beings and themselves. To hear your inner voice, listen to Mother Earth speak, heal your old wounds, and create a life rooted in the Wise Woman Way of connection, magick and meaning.

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