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Plan & Manifest with the Full Moon

Image of the cover of the full moon workbook. Manifesting with the full moon.

This is your simple guide to planning your full moon manifesting rituals

(THIS ISn't ONE of those FREE things THAT JUST SITs around COLLECTING DUST!)

 Align to the full moon and plan your rituals with this handy workbook that includes ideas to help you make the most of your manifesting rituals. Inside are journal prompts, a card spread, a checklist and more. Get your Full Moon Workbook today! 


here's how to use your full moon workbook

Prepare for each full moon ritual with the suggestions inside this workbook.  


Write down your wishes and intentions and use the journal prompts to get clarity on what you really want to bring into your life and what you want to let go of with this full moon.


Keep your workbook pages inside your Book of Shadows or in a special Moon Journal so you can track your full moon manifesting successes and any guidance or inspiration you receive through your monthly card spreads.   


Get your Full Moon Workbook Now!

Why work with the moon's phases and cycles?

The moon has been used for millennia to help track the passing of time and the seasons.  Our ancestors used it to decide when to plant and when to harvest.  Today, you can connect with these same energies through working with the moon’s phases and cycles.  Here’s how you can benefit from it: 

  1. Self-discovery: Working with the Moon and attuning  to its cycles and phases can be a way of deepening your spiritual practice.

  2. Connecting with nature and the divine: Many people find that working with the moon helps them to feel more connected to the natural world and to the divine.  This connection to the natural world can be beneficial in improving your work, relationships, and even your creative projects.

  3. Creativity: The phases of the Moon are often associated with different energies and themes, and that can help to stimulate creativity and inspire new ideas.

  4. Planning: Certain phases may be more favorable for certain types of activities meaning that you can improve your chances of success by considering the moon’s phase.
  5. Ease and flow:  Aligning to the moon’s phases may improve how you experience your time and schedule. Giving you a feeling of flow and ease in your day.
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