3 of the best crystals for meditation, featuring an amethyst geode, clear quartz, lavender flowers

3 of the Best Crystals for Meditation

Meditating takes time and practice to master. The main goal of meditation is often to clear your mind. However, running thoughts can interrupt your ability to meditate. Using one of the 3 best crystals for meditation can help your practice by channeling these thoughts into the crystal.

Releasing your thoughts in this way, aids in clearing the mind. Crystals can be used by anyone, no matter their level of experience with meditation. They allow you to hold the intention for your meditation practice.  Here, we’ll take a look at  the 3 best crystals for meditation.

You might want to try them in your practice.

If you need a little help getting started, you can check out this Meditation Mini-Course.

Why Use Crystals in Meditation?

Using a crystal in meditation acts as a visual aid to clear the mind or to hold an intention for your meditation. Consider how a stuffed animal helps a child feel comforted when upset, using a crystal works in a similar way. When someone experiences running thoughts, it can be hard to keep the mind from focusing on these thoughts. By holding a crystal in meditation, you can channel these running thoughts into the crystal. The crystal then offers you a sense of comfort and it’s unique vibrational qualities.

Crystals also act as intention holders. If, for instance, the focus for the meditation is to heal grief, setting the intention to release grief into the crystal helps to bring about this desired outcome.  The comfort that comes from the crystal helps release the grief more easily.

Here are 3 of the best crystals for meditation:

What are the 3 Best Crystals for Meditation?

#1.  White Quartz

White quartz crystals hold a unique vibration (from other crystals) and are widely used in a variety of healing work. The clearer the crystal, the more it can help with a master healing vibration. White quartz crystals are often very pure in energy and are able to find energy blockages. Using them in meditation by channeling thoughts to them will help in releasing these thoughts from your mind. Once you channel the negative or running thoughts from your mind to the stone, you’re better able to clear your mind in meditation.

3 of the best crystals for meditation, featuring an amethyst geode, clear quartz, lavender flowers

#2.  Selenite

Selenite’s naturally calming vibration also helps in releasing negative and running thoughts from the mind. Selenite carries a protective energy that keeps other people’s energy from affecting yours. This can act as a barrier to keep their energy out of your space. Selenite will help release thoughts of the past or future and allow you to focus on the present.

#3.  Blue Agate

Blue agate is a natural healing stone that helps to calm the mind and emotions. The stone’s pale blue color and smooth ripples gives the impression of water.  This calming association is part of the reason why this stone is recommended for meditation. Blue agate can help provide enough calmness so that you can focus on clearing your thoughts.

Summary of 3 Best Crystals for Meditation

There’s lots of crystals that you can use for meditation, depending on your goal for using them.

These 3 are good choices for every day meditation practices and can help support you in establishing a regular, meaningful meditation practice.

Meditation is one of the Ravynwood Foundations because it is a wonderful support for your healing or transformation journey.  Getting started can feel a little hard for most of us, but it’s definitely worth the time and effort you’ll put into it.

Begin with just 5 minutes. Set a timer and slowly increase the time you spend each week.  Eventually, you’ll be able to quiet your mind and it will be something you truly look forward to.

You can check out this post for some tips on practicing mindfulness anywhere you are too.

Which of the 3 best crystals for meditation will you choose?

Do you have a favorite that you use already?




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