4 Holistic Ways to Reduce Stress in your life, dark bottle with daisies around it.

4 Holistic Ways to Reduce Stress

Reduce Stress Today: 4 Easy Holistic Ways

Stress is rampant. There have been studies showing this, but I don’t think anyone needs statistics to know this is true.  We all experience it.  Balance for body, mind, and spirit is a hallmark of holistic living.

High amounts of stress, can make you look toward unhealthy habits to deal with it, but there are many natural remedies as well. Here are 4 ways to naturally reduce your stress.

Keep your sanity and your well-being with these easy ways to reduce stress.

#1. Use Stress-Relieving Essential Oils

An easy way to reduce stress for your new holistic life is to use essential oils. Essential oils are extracted from the petals, leaves, and stems from various plants, herbs, and flowers. Some of the best essential oils for relieving stress are lavender, chamomile, lemon, orange, and bergamot. For a quick way to  relieve stress, you can put a few drops of them in an essential oil diffuser, or add them to your bath water.

#2. Daily Habits That Help to Relieve Stress

There are some daily habits that are going to ensure you are reducing stress and really embracing a holistic lifestyle. For example, eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise do wonders for your stress levels.

This isn’t about being restrictive, but instead just focusing on health and balance. You can try relaxing exercises like yoga and tai chi, or just practice a morning stretching routine.

Some other daily habits that help a lot with stress include:

  • writing in a journal
  • reading
  • unplugging from technology
  • meditating
  • practicing mindfulness
  • and just having a healthy daily routine.

4 Holistic Ways to Reduce Stress in your life, dark bottle with daisies around it.

#3. The Bad Habits You Need to Break

You might have some habits that are doing the opposite for you, and are harming your health and detouring your journey to living better. These can often seem harmless, but they really take a toll on your stress levels.

For example, if you use social media a lot, especially with notifications on your phone, it is giving you constant sources of stress. Comparing yourself to others, reading the news, seeing negative or toxic updates, or even just reading negativity in the comments can be hard on your mental state.

Some other bad habits to break include:

  • emotional or stress eating
  • talking to people who you feel are toxic to your mental health
  • not getting adequate movement or exercise
  •  turning to stimulants instead of trying to relieve your stress in natural ways

#4. Incorporate Adaptogens into Your Life

If you have a lot of stress in your life, one natural remedy to have a look at is adaptogens. These are a type of herbal supplement that actually help you to adapt better to stress. You can’t always reduce the sources of stress in your life, but you can definitely help support your adrenal glands to help you better deal with it.  A popular type of adaptogen for stress is ashwagandha.

Like with all supplements or herbs, it’s best to consult with your doctor before beginning with adaptogens.  You might also wish to find a qualified herbalist to work with if you decide to use adaptogens to ensure you are buying good quality products.

Summary – Reduce Stress

Stress is something we all deal with in our lives. As a green witch, I’ve gravitated to natural, holistic ways to manage stress in my life. I use a combination of things every day to help me stay balanced and feeling good. Whether it’s essential oils, journaling, movement or nature, I turn time and again to natural ways to ease the stuff that builds up throughout my days.

Which of these ways to reduce stress will you pick? Do you already have something that works well for you?

Here’s to less stress!  Cheers.


Blessed be.



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