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A Simple New Moon Ritual

Setting Intentions with a Simple New Moon Ritual

In this post, you’ll find a simple new moon ritual that you can use at every new moon.

You can use it to set intentions for what you want to have happen in your life from now until the next new moon. 

While the moon is waxing it is a great time to go all in.  Full on.  It’s a time to really work towards those goals, and take action on your intentions.  Adding action to intention is the surest way to success.

Waxing moon is also a great time for magickal workings if you use those.  During the waxing phase, from new moon until full moon, you will be using the energies of the moon to amplify your workings. 

During the waning phase of the moon from full moon until the new moon, is a time for reflection and a bit of rest after all that work you’ve put toward your intentions during the waxing phase.  The full moon then is when you surrender your intentions to the Universe to handle.  


Your New Moon Ritual: Setting Intentions  


The best time to work with the new moon’s energies is just after the moon is new. You can check an almanac, like this one, or refer to online resources for the exact time of when the moon is new in your location.  (This isn’t an affiliate link – I love and use this almanac every day, so I highly recommend it.) 

You can prepare for your ritual in any way that feels right to you.  This might be a salt bath, burning smoke herbs or incense or doing a short meditation.  You might include beautiful soothing music or candles. Use whatever method resonates with you to prepare yourself for your ritual.  If you’re new, experiment with different things to find what you like best. 

As you begin, feel grateful for all you have that’s good. Really feel this. Take an inventory of everything and everyone that you’re grateful for.  If anything special has happened over the last moon cycle, be sure to include that too.  You can list these out – remember that writing things down carries its own power. You can also just bring these things to mind.  Again, use the method that works best for you.  You’re free to modify your new moon ritual any way you want to. 

When you’re ready, write down your intentions on a piece of paper.  3 – 5 will do, but you can do as many as 10.  Be as specific or general as you want to. Think about your list of intentions and decide what you can really commit to doing over the next 4 weeks.  

If it resonates with you, you can doodle out your intentions using pens, colored pencils or markers if you like that idea. It will help to further power up your new moon wishes.  Like most things, what you put into manifesting is likely to be what you’ll get out of it.  

Once you’ve completed your list, then you can review your list.  Feel each as being completed, being done.  Having come true as you read through them.  Visualize them coming into being.  How do you feel now that they are complete?  What does it feel like? What has changed for you?  What’s your life like now?  Hold onto these feelings. This is what it takes to make magic happen. 

You can turn your number 1 wish into an affirmation.  Write it in such a way that it backs up your wish.  

Now consider this: 

  • What can you do to make these wishes happen? 
  • What step can you take today toward having these things in your life? 
  • For each wish, write it down.  Make a plan you can follow toward achieving these things.  What steps are required to make them come true? 


Some intentions might require more than one moon cycle to come true.  During your next new moon ritual, you can reaffirm your intention and continue working toward manifesting it.  

Burn your list to give your wishes power. Do so safely!  Of course, if you don’t want to burn your list or if you can’t do so safely, you can hang onto your list.  At the next new moon, you can review it to see what you can include with your gratitude and to assess what still needs to be worked toward.   Sometimes you’ll need to evaluate them to be sure you still want those things.  If you find that you do not, then you can release them with the next full moon.  

To finish out your new moon ritual, meditate for a few minutes, release out your wishes for the Universe to handle.  Have faith.  Detach from the outcome and allow the Universe to work on your behalf. You can do this with a statement like “Om Namo Narayani” which means “I surrender to the Divine Mother” or use “for the good of all or not at all” or “this or something better”.  Whichever one you choose, try chanting it for even greater effect. 


Short on Time for Your New Moon Ritual?


If you’re short on time, then just shorten your new moon ritual to include your gratitude, writing out your list of intentions, burning it and feeling as if everything you’ve wished for has come true. Finish with gratitude and a quick chant.  (Better to do a short one than none at all.

Don’t forget that working with the full moon to do forgiveness and release work will burn away the karma that might be keeping you from manifesting your dreams with the new moon. You can find a simple full moon ritual here. 


Blessed Be.


Being a Certified Moonologer ™, I’ve shared all of this from Moonology™ by Yasmin Boland. I love and recommend this book. You can get a copy of the book here.  (not an affiliate link)



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