snow covered tree with bare branches set against a wintery backdrop with a rabbit at the base to represent the celtic omen days

The Celtic Omen Days: A Personal Journey

At the end of 2022, I heard Asia Suler talk about the Celtic Omen Days, which are the period between December 26 and January 6. During this 12-day period, as we move from one year to the next, it’s thought that we will receive messages about how the next 12 months will be for us.


I was inspired to see what messages I’d receive during those days. Because I believe that all of nature is an oracle, I turned to Mother Earth for guidance, and this blog post is about what I received.


The Celtic Omen Days Messages


On Day 1, December 26, the message I received was to bask in the light. To allow it to breathe new life into me. Alongside this message, I was also encouraged to be authentic, always showing up exactly as I am, even when that doesn’t feel comfortable. This is a way to embrace whatever isn’t going well and accept that not everything can be controlled. Lastly, I was urged to spend time with those who mean the most to me.


Day 2, brought me the message to be still, replenish and release. The wisdom was that clouds don’t really block the sun. That’s an illusion. The sun is still there, shining as it always does. This is a reminder that the unseen is always operating no matter what.


The third-day message was to take opportunities as they come. It may not be perfect timing or completely clear how it will work out, but embrace the cycles of uncertainty.


Day 4. Embrace unexpected blessings. These are often found in unlikely places. Release your expectations about them, and remember that it is always okay to change your mind.


Your boundaries need to be addressed was at the heart of the Day 5 message. Discomfort also needs to be addressed, especially where boundaries are concerned.


Day 6 was a reminder that gray days will come and they will go, whether they are the literal kind or the metaphorical kind. All is temporary. Remember that and take back your power when dealing with the “gray” feelings that come up.



On Day 7, I was encouraged to marvel at the small things. Look at the fine details. Notice the minutia. Find beauty in the void. Observe below the surface.


On Day 8, I was reminded that I can only focus on one thing at a time. When frustration moves you into negativity, begin to focus on what you can do, not what you can’t do was the mandate.

Protect your energy was the very loud and clear message of Day 9. You are safe, loved and enough.


Day 10 encouraged me to step forward, be a beacon and appreciate the unusual. Lead, even when you don’t feel like you can, because that’s when you need to do so most.


Day 11’s message was that not everything is going to go well, but sometimes the most productive thing to do is to take a break. Punishing yourself doesn’t lead to success.


On Day 12, I was urged to rest. Take time to just be, not do. Stepping away from the glorification of busyness imposed by society can be the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself.


snowy scene with fox and rabbit. A stone arch and woman are in the background.
Celtic Omen Days – December 26 – January 6

How I Used the Celtic Omen Days


Each of these days would correspond with a calendar month of 2023, according to the practice of observing the Celtic Omen Days. Day 1 would correspond to January, Day 2 to February and so on.


I wrote these themes down on my desk calendar, so I’d be sure to note any of the experiences during that month that aligned with the wisdom that had been shared with me.


There were a lot of interesting things to come out of that. I chose not to share that part in this post, but only because I think this is such a personal journey and the experience is specific to the person.


Bringing this ancient practice of the Celtic Omen Days into my modern world meant really opening myself in a very intentional way to the wisdom nature could share with me for the upcoming year.




Summary of My Celtic Omen Days Journey



Each of the 12 days offered something special. From self-discovery, resilience, rest, dealing with challenges, mindset, and boundaries, there were messages of interconnectedness between the seen and unseen.


  • I was encouraged to embrace what comes.
  • To approach challenges with an open mind, seeing each as an opportunity.
  • Messages of resilience and creating joy were woven into just about every day.
  • I was directed to foster harmony and peace in my days.
  • Acknowledge a sense of being supported by the unseen world.


I’m forever grateful for the wisdom of nature and the guidance I received during the Celtic Omen Days.  It was a beautiful journey of remembrance, inspiration, and guidance.


It’s safe to say that I’ll be repeating this every year to tap into this wisdom.


Will you give the practice of observing the Celtic Omen Days a go for yourself?


Blessed be.


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