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Healers Shouldn’t Work for Free

Introduction: Why People Expect Spiritual Healers to Work for Free

Healers shouldn’t work for free.

Free healings aren’t uncommon in the spiritual world. There are many spiritual devotees who provide free services to help people heal and connect with their spirituality.

Some practitioners have been noted as using a “pay-what-you-can” policy for their healing services. Others have not wanted to turn away the folks who can’t afford any type of treatment. These are the roots of spiritual healers not charging for their services so that they can provide healing to everyone who needs it regardless of whether they can pay.

This has led to a lot of expectations about healers working for free.

What’s Wrong with Working for Free?

There are two main arguments about whether these healers should charge for their services or not. One argument is that healing is a gift that they should share with the world without expecting anything in return, while the other is that they deserve to be compensated for their time and effort.

From my perspective, it’s essential for spiritual healers to be paid for what they do.  As a healer, not only do you deserve to be paid, but you can help more people when you do.  Just because you’re spiritual doesn’t mean that you must be poor.  You can be both spiritual and abundant.

Every healer has invested money in their education to serve others, and their desire to serve others is genuine.  They don’t have some cash grab scheme that drives them.  They believe in what they do, what they offer, and that healing work makes the world a better place for everyone.

I fully align with this way of thinking and encourage all my own students to always charge for their sessions.   I passionately believe that healers shouldn’t work for free.  They should be paid for their work and paid well.  Spiritual healers are helping people on their journey through life.

Some healers will struggle with this because they’ve been taught that service should always come before themselves.  But in this instance, not getting paid results in a greater disservice to all because those who aren’t being paid will be forced to stop offering their services.

This alone is reason enough to say that healers shouldn’t work for free.

Healers Shouldn't Work for Free - jar of coins spilled from the container

The Need for Spiritual Healing in Our World Today

We’re living in a time when the world needs more healers.  There are many more than there are to go around. Healers need to be encouraged at this time.  Every single one of them brings something to the table.  Something that no one else can.

Someone else can’t do what you do.  They can’t do it the way you do it.  That means that there’s people who need your help.  You.  Help from you.  Specifically, you.

When healers are discouraged from charging for what they do, it deprives people who need them of getting the services they need.

What if you’re the only person who can help someone?

If you quit because you’re getting flak for charging for your healing services, then they may never get the help they need.  That doesn’t serve our world today.

Take- Aways of Healers Shouldn’t Work for Free

It isn’t wrong, bad, evil, or going against any universal law to charge for healing and spiritual services.

For anyone who is expecting it for free, I encourage you to examine your reasons.  There may be a message in that examination for you.  (You might even change your mind.)

Healers shouldn’t work for free. 

If you’re a healer, please stand in your power, charge for your services, and refuse to buy into the arguments that healers should work for free.

When you work for free, it’s not sustainable, and that means you can’t help as many people.

So charge your worth, healers.

See you next time.  Blessed be. 


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