3 Ways to Get Happy With Mindfulness - woman celebrating in a field of sunflowers

3 Ways to Get Happy With Mindfulness

3 Ways to Get Happy With Mindfulness

You can get happy with mindfulness!

You may have heard of mindfulness and thought it was only about being calm or helping you deal with stress.

But did you know that mindfulness can help you lift your mood and become a happier person more of the time?

It’s easy to get stuck in a negative mindset and stay focused on the things that aren’t working in your life.

Your self-talk can become all about your weaknesses or failures. Negativity becomes your habitual way of thinking.

Mindfulness can help you turn that around. It can help shift you into a more positive thought pattern.

As a bonus, mindfulness also has positive health benefits by reducing your stress and enhancing your resilience and mental capacity.

Here are three ways you can get happy with mindfulness and also help yourself stay out of the negativity spiral and into a happier state of mind and being.

1. Stay in the now

Practicing mindfulness can help you refocus your attention on the here and now instead of being focused on future problems or brooding over past mistakes. Worry never helps anyone and that’s what happens when we focus too much on the future.  Letting go of the past mistakes frees you to move forward, taking the lessons of those mistakes with you.

Mindfulness slows you down and reconnects you with what is happening at the moment. You can notice and appreciate the good things that are in your life right now. Being mindful can also help you stop being reactive and instead be more thoughtful in how you respond to people and situations. It gives you the power of choosing your responses.

2. Be more connected

Mindfulness brings you into a deeper connection with yourself and with others. It gives you time and mental space to work out what matters to you, and what are your values and beliefs. You learn that happiness lies in knowing yourself and being comfortable with who you are.

And when you are your authentic self, you can connect honestly, openly and straightforwardly with other people. Relationships can become more profound and more heartfelt.

3 Ways to Get Happy With Mindfulness - woman celebrating in a field of sunflowers

3. Feel more contentment and gratitude

One of the beautiful effects of mindfulness is that you can get off the hamster wheel of consumerism. You stop investing in externals for your happiness. Money, external approval, worldly success, and possessions no longer hold sway over your self-worth.

Mindfulness focuses your attention on what you can control. Living an authentic life, attuned and aligned with your values encourages and supports your inner wellbeing. Your happiness becomes self-sufficient.

What could be better than that?  You are definitely investing in yourself with these small, daily actions.  Here are 4 simple ways to begin or renew your mindfulness practice. 

Cultivating mindfulness can open your mind to feeling gratitude for where you are and what you have right now. ‘You are enough’ is not just a saying, it is an affirmation that you can be your best you, and live the life you want.


These are small but effective ways to bring yourself to a more positive way of living.

If you find yourself sliding into that negativity spiral, you can always use these techniques as a way to get yourself out of it.

By practicing with these 3 ways to get happy with mindfulness, they become much more automatic and soon, you find that they don’t require any effort from you at all.

They’re just part of what you do every day so you can live your best life.

See you next time. Blessed Be!

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